The Art Student Tote

The other day, I saw the Art Student Tote on someone's blog and 
I loved it so much that I HAD TO have one.
And I knew exactly what fabric I would use so I bought the pattern
and waited very patiently for it to arrive...
(it went from Atlanta to Miami (???) and finally here but it didn't bring the sun with him)

First of all, I love it. 
I have no idea what I will do with it but I love it.
It's big, looks very well done and the pattern is very well written.
Not once I had to stop, scratch my head and figure out what to do !! 

I used Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in black for the main exterior fabric and the two purple prints are by Lourdes Sanchez. I bought them a while ago and was very happy to use them because they were always meant to be used in a bag.

I made the same modifications as Holly's to make the bag a bit more sturdy.
It means that I used interfacing on pretty much every piece of the pattern and I added fusible fleece to the handles and the exterior of the bag. 
I love that it stands on it's own and I feel like it'll last for a long time :) 

Just to show you how big it is, I *tried* to take a picture of my cats in there.
I had to give them temptations and the picture is still blury but it makes me laugh
because this means that my bag can hold 30lbs of cat !

btw, I'm now on Instagram because I bought myself an Iphone !!
If you want to follow me, I'm here !
Let me know who you are so I can follow you too :)


Tiffany said...

This is bag is so pretty and I love that you showed the size by "how many cats can I fit in a bag" haha.

Julie said...

great bag!!! I love that it is so large.

Ginette said...

Very cool bag! I am quiltingprincess on Instagram.

Moon said...

this bag is awesome!!

Lauren said...

What an awesome bag! I love it. I'm following you on Instagam now, I love to follow people who sew, and it looks like you have a lot of pictures of your cats. I mostly post pictures of my dogs!


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