A Lovely Year of Finishes - April

I promise, things will go back to normal (me posting more often) very soon.
I finished my intership last Friday and only have 3 more weeks left of school.

After that, I'll be SEWING !!! Yay :)

Anyway. I will have to finish my April goal since it's for a swap and I have to send it before the end of the month. Easy peasy.

I was really excited to get my partner in the Modern She Made swap.
We have similar taste and I know her a little bit, which makes it even more fun !

She wanted a mini quilt, pillow or sewing machine cover and that's what I settled for since 
I've never made one.

This was my initial fabric pull - scrappy, bright colors. 

And I made this with it 
(of course I ended up using only a few prints) 

I used some white on white print for the background because I thought it would add some interest.

Now, I'm stuck because I have no idea how to quilt the thing !
Any idea/suggestions are very welcome :)


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

No ideas about quilting I'm afraid but it looks brilliant!

HeyJudee said...

You could do use your walking foot to quilt parallel lines out from the stars. Eg. the top right quilt parallel lines out from the red stars to the edge. Could do them diagonally thru the squares. On the left run a line of stitching out from the top yellow star along the points of the red stars out to the left side. Then quilt more diagonal lines thru the squares on that side. Do the same for the rest of the piece but having the lines go in the opposite direction on the other side of the star. And if you want more dense quilting just do more parallel lines equally spaced in between the diagonals. Hope you follow what I'm envisioning. Good luck and definitely want to see the finished project.

jeifner said...

It's really great, nice cheerful colors. You could echo quilt the stars or echo quilt the s shape they make to emphasize the movement, or have swirls in the white so it could be like the sky and the colors are a kite tail.

Erin Mary said...

Gosh, it is sooooo pretty. I absolutely love the fabrics you pulled. The quilt turned out so whimsical!

Esther said...

Lovely top! I would echo quilt in the white ( negative shape ) using the combined stars as one shape ( positive shape)
I have worked on an echo around a star this week too. I started to echo 1.5 inches away from my star. Inbetween I used pebbling. This might be to dense for your pointy stars so I would "keep it simple"
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