Divided Baskets

I'm usually not one that likes to do twice the same thing but this basket is so easy and fast and fun to make that I couldn't resist making another one.

Of course, the best part is to actually choose fabric and try to picture what it could look like with this binding instead of this one and with this fabric for the handles instead of another one.
But I love that part. And for this first basket, my boyfriend actually helped me ! Can you believe ?

I decided to stop hoarding and just use that pretty HR fabric. 
I only used interfacing since this fabric is a little thicker than regular quilting cotton and it holds up pretty well ! 

For the lining, I used this dots fabric that I was going to give away. 
Even if the match is not perfect, I'm happy with how well they look near one another :) 

And I don't know if you heard but this basket is HUGE. Seriously. My two cats could probably fit in there. Ok, maybe not since they are a little fat but you could put two puppies in there !

For the second one, I was inspired by our March Bee Blocks.
I also used some fabric that had been sitting on the shelves for too long - Out to Sea !

I have no idea what I will put in this one but with the amount of crap in my sewing room, I'm sure it'll be full in no time :)

 I also got myself a brand new cutting mat (my old one was about to split in half and it was all wavy), some thread (A LOT - buy one, get one free, I couldn't pass) and some pretty fabric that I can't wait to show you ! 
Luckily, I ordered it from Hawthorne Threads so it should be there pretty soon since they are always really fast at shipping.


Needled Mom said...

Those look so wonderful. Love their practicality too.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

This is really cute! Is there a pattern for it? I could sure use a few of these hanging around my studio, too. Have a super day!

Kira said...

Love your baskets! I must get that pattern and soon I sure could use them to help organize my sewing room.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

The basket was shining and pretty already and then you filled it with thread.... swoon.

pianomama said...

So....Um.....Jealous:-) What pattern did you use? Or did ya just make it up? I'd love me some of those:-)

Amanda said...

These turned out so good! I am getting ready to make one this week for a friend...hoping it turns out just as nice!