There is something about starting a new quilt that is so exciting.
And I get to do just that in the next few days.

And I know I will want to spend every waking minute in my already messy sewing room.
This quilt is for the young woman who made my business cards (that I should have very soon!), 
my Facebook Page banner, my labels, etc. 
We did a little trade and it's a treat for me to be able to make her a quilt. 
She is so so so talented ! 

So this little mosaic was my inspiration.
Feathers, animals, wood, those were the three most important words.

From this, we played with fabric and we able to get to this little stack that I received just last night ! 

I added a few prints from my stash but the "vibe" is still the same.
It's going to be something so relaxing. 

The design will really let the fabric speak in this quilt. 
 Talking about this quilt and looking at the fabric makes me feel so calm. It's really funny.
And definitely something I never experienced while making a quilt.

Soo to new quilts ! 


halfstitched said...

There is something about starting a new quilt. I love that feeling!

Julie said...

nice stack! I know what you mean about the "here I go, I'm starting a new quilt - yeah" feeling. It will be great to see your progress!