A Lovely Year of Finishes - March

I feel like those posts are the only one I do right now, don't you ?
But I'm not too worried since I'll be officially done with my second year in just 3 short weeks.

I couldn't be happier ! 

My March goal was to finish my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
Well, it's not finished. 
I made the back and it's basted and I even began quilting it with swirls you guys ! Swirls !
But I didn't like it so I unpicked what I had done. 

And I'm back to where I was a few weeks ago.. wondering how to quilt the damn thing.

Just as a reminder, here's the top : 

Now I have been sewing this month so I'll show you all that very very soon!  

In the meantime, Happy Easter Holidays (to everyone who celebrates it) :)


capitolaquilter said...

Swirls are so hard - sorry you had to unpick them and good luck when you get back at it.

Kirsten said...

Your trip along quilt is so beautiful - hoping to make a start on one myself soon!

HeyJudee said...

Your top is gorgeous. I find with all the seams and the colours either just doing a diagonal grid gets it quilted without a lot of pain. And with all the colours the quilting won't be noticed anyways...so a plain all over design is usually best.