Hi !

Hi ! My name is Marika and this is my blog.

Joking, it hasn't been THAT long
 (in my head, it's been forever since I last blogged, but it's only been 5 days)
 I don't have much to say, just a few random things...

Ready ? 

1. Some fabric came in the mail today ! Love mail days. 

This little stack brings to $150 the amount of money I spent on fabric this month.

My excuse ? I love those feathers and I had no elephants just yet. Those dots are my favorite too.
And do I need an excuse for more text print ?
I'm still waiting on this print and this print. 
They're both going to become Tova tops. I'm excited !

2. I'm still making those pouches.

And I don't think I'm done just yet. But I don't mind, they're fun and easy to make.

3. Made myself a hoop. Fun and easy too :)

4. I also made a bunch of burp cloths today but I didn't take a picture yet. 
Best time to do that is at 2pm. The light is at it's best.

They are for pregnant friends. They are both having boys (I knew it..)

5. I miss making quilts.
I love me a fresh-out-of-the-dryer crinkly quilt.
There's something special about it don't you think ? 

6. It's funny when people I don't know from my class (we're around 100 separated in 3 classes) add me on Facebook to look at my pictures (I put pictures about the stuff I make and that's how people contact me to ask me to make something for them). It just happened a minute ago.
That's also why I've been making so many pouches ! If you didn't know already, the medium sized ones are perfect for pencils (and girls with 100 pencils). 

7. I need to wash the dishes because he made dinner. That's our deal.
We had salmon stuffed with cream cheese and spinach topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan. It was good.
So goodnight !!


Jess said...

Those feathers are one of my all time fave prints - especially in the denim blue colour!

Pam Pollock said...

Love your fabric coices! Always wonderful to get fabric in the mail.

Adrianne said...

Pretty pretty fabrics! I love the hoop you made - I think I might have to do something similar - I think I need to pretty up my workspace so maybe it can hold pens and stuff. Did you glue the fabric into the hoop, or use another method to keep it secure?

Lynn said...

I love your hoop! After reading this post I looked around online and found a few other photos of these but yours is the cutest of the ones I saw. I made myself one this afternoon. Not as cute as yours, but a simple one to see how I like using it. I plan to blog about it on Monday and would like to use your picture as well to show my inspiration. So I'm asking for permission to post your picture on my blog. If you are ok with that, I would include your name and link back to your blog underneath your photo, along with "used with permission."

Like the Adrianne, I also am wondering if you secured the fabric to the hoop in any way. I didn't. Since this is my test one I decided to try it and see how it worked with just the tension of the hoop.