No, we're not having a baby girl.
Or a new cat.

Juliet is the name of this lovely machine : 

It was my birthday yesterday. I'm now an old 24 years old lady.
My family came over for dinner and we had a very nice evening together. 
And my mom suprised me with this !! 

You should have seen her face. She was SO proud of herself ! 
And I just could not believe it. 

And it's HUGE. 
I'm going to keep the old one for my sister. 
She said that she would love to learn how to make clothes. I'm not the best teacher, but I know how to follow a pattern :)

Ohh and it went well with the kids at school.
I started teaching on my second day. And it was my first time ever teaching !
I'm still alive and I still want to go, which is good !

That's about it. Hope you all have a good day.
I'm sure you all know where I will spend my day !


A Lovely Year of Finishes

Since I didn't do well last month, I decided to pick something really easy for this month.

I actually finished this bag like 2 days after posting about it ! 

It's for a girl in my class. She picked the purple and aqua fabric and I suggested the solid aqua and green woodgrain to go with. 

I changed the handles because she wanted a  longer strap and two shorter ones.
I could have sewn then to the bag but I don't know, it didn't look good in my head.
So the handles are attached to the bag with buttons and she can change them whenever she wants !

I can now start thinking about my March project !

Here is my goal setting post.


The Everything Bag by Amy Butler (this is kind of a review)

So my cousin in pregnant with her first child (a boy!) and a few months ago, I told her that if she needed something handmade, it would be my pleasure to make something for her. 

A few days later, she told me she needed a diaper bag so I went hunting for the perfect one.
She settled on the Everything Bag by Amy Butler (pattern is in her Little Stitches For Little Ones book).

I read a few reviews before I started and I was a bit afraid because you know, it's an Amy Butler pattern !
But all in all, it went really well.

I'd say it took me between 3h30 and 4h to make. It's not that bad :)

The only part I had to read a few times was when you need to make the divider. But aside from that, it's pretty easy to follow if you take the time to read the instruction well before doing anything.

I made a few changes :
- I didn't use Peltex. For the divider, I used two layers of cotton duck instead and for the bottom panel, I used one layer of cotton duck and fusible fleece. It's probably not as stiff as it should be but the bag stand on it's own (and it was probably easier to sew!). 

- I made the straps longer and wider (6"Wx27"L instead of 4"Wx18"L). I like it. 

- I made a zippered pocket on one side because that's what she wanted. 
If I ever make another one with a pocket, I would make the pocket wider and higher. 
But we learn from our "mistakes" don't we ?

I would probably add one front pocket too. 
Not that you need more space in the bag but I think it would look great.

Obviously, I'm not a mom, so I don't know how much you need to carry when you have a baby but I'm pretty sure everything will fit in there. It's HUGE.
I hope she will like it !

And yes, he LOVES bags.


New quilt

The reason why it's been so quiet around here is because I am really really busy at school right now.
We are leaving for 6 weeks at the end of this week for our intership (OMG) so we have a lot of homeworks to do before that.

Interships.. me, 5"4, 120lbs in front of a classroom full of teenage boys 
(15 boys, 4 girls between 15 and 18).
Scary !

I haven't been sewing a lot so that another reason why I haven't blogged a lot.
But, I did make a  bitnof progress on my Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt.
I'm not convinced though.

Remember that I'm doing a little exchange with the girl who's making my logo/business cards, etc ?
This is what she sent me as an inspiration : 

Inspiring, isn't it ? 
She wants feathers, birds, woodgrain, leaves, mustard yellow, aqua/mint, grey.
I love making quilts for others because it allows me to use fabric/colors I love but probably would never use for myself just because I can't make a quilt everytime I like a color combination, right ?

I also bought fabric to make Tova tops. I've had the pattern for a few weeks months.

So this is what's going on right now.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get rid of all my homeworks in the next 2 weeks and then I'll be able to sew almost every night ! 
That would make me REALLY happy ! 

I'll let you know how it goes with those kids.



So here it is, I want to start a little company.
With a brand name and a logo and business cards and all.

I'm currently in contact with a friend of my sister who is an illustrator. 
She makes the cutest drawing ever. We're currently discussing to find 
an arrangement that will make us both happy.

I'm quite excited I must tell you.
I get how people feel when they ask for a custom quilt now :)

It is scary though. 
What if people don't buy my products because they thing it's too expensive ?
And what if I have too many orders and people just go somewhere else
because it takes too long for me to make their order ? 

And I need to figure out what I want to sell.
Baby stuff ? Only quilts ? Pillows ? Whatever people want ?
Am I going to be able to say no to orders if it's something I'm not interested in making ?
And what am I going to say to people who ask for "discount" because they know me ?

I talked about it with my boyfriend the other day and he is incredibly supportive.
He has a degree in business and management so he definitely sees the business side of it while I think about all the fabric I will be allowed to buy "because it's for orders". 

My dream ?
Being able to work at the restaurant only in the morning (and be home by 2pm !). 
I'm not there yet but yes, that would be my dream.

I made a board for my sister's friend so she can get to know me and what I like.
Here's just a sample of what's in there. 

As for the title ? That's going to be my "name".
MOC for Marika Ouellet Creations.
Short, easy to remember, works in english and in french. 

Any advice you want to share with me ?


Hi !

Hi ! My name is Marika and this is my blog.

Joking, it hasn't been THAT long
 (in my head, it's been forever since I last blogged, but it's only been 5 days)
 I don't have much to say, just a few random things...

Ready ? 

1. Some fabric came in the mail today ! Love mail days. 

This little stack brings to $150 the amount of money I spent on fabric this month.

My excuse ? I love those feathers and I had no elephants just yet. Those dots are my favorite too.
And do I need an excuse for more text print ?
I'm still waiting on this print and this print. 
They're both going to become Tova tops. I'm excited !

2. I'm still making those pouches.

And I don't think I'm done just yet. But I don't mind, they're fun and easy to make.

3. Made myself a hoop. Fun and easy too :)

4. I also made a bunch of burp cloths today but I didn't take a picture yet. 
Best time to do that is at 2pm. The light is at it's best.

They are for pregnant friends. They are both having boys (I knew it..)

5. I miss making quilts.
I love me a fresh-out-of-the-dryer crinkly quilt.
There's something special about it don't you think ? 

6. It's funny when people I don't know from my class (we're around 100 separated in 3 classes) add me on Facebook to look at my pictures (I put pictures about the stuff I make and that's how people contact me to ask me to make something for them). It just happened a minute ago.
That's also why I've been making so many pouches ! If you didn't know already, the medium sized ones are perfect for pencils (and girls with 100 pencils). 

7. I need to wash the dishes because he made dinner. That's our deal.
We had salmon stuffed with cream cheese and spinach topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan. It was good.
So goodnight !!


A Lovely Year of Finishes - February

So I didn't do very well last month (February already!!!).
I'm going to do better this month, I promise.

So my project this month is to finish this bag I started last night.
It's for a girl in my class, she picked the purple fabric and I suggested the green woodgrain and solid aqua.
She was very very easy to "work" with, I love that.

I need to make the inside and the straps. She wants two sets of strap (one longer and two shorter on both sides). But I already have a plan hehehe.

I'm linking up with Fiber of All Sorts today!