I'm bored.

My list of things to do is getting so short that I don't know what to sew anymore.
I only have two pillow covers to make for my mom (and I don't feel like making this right now) and then I have to make a quilt for the Madrona Road challenge. Problem is I don't have the fabric. So I don't have anything to do anymore..

Luckily, there aren't any swaps starting today because I know me, I would sign up for all of them just to have something to do.

I could start a quilt for me but I'm having a hard time picking a pattern. Like I want to make so many things that I can't just choose one pattern you know ?
So I'm just looking at quilts in Pinterest and Flickr unable to settle on something.

That's all I had to say.

I'll leave you with a bag I started last night and finished this morning :

It's the Jane Market Bag. It came together really easily. I added fusible fleece to the exterior pieces because I wanted something that could hold up on it own. 
Some people on Flickr said that it was a very unexpected mix of fabric they probably wouldn't have picked (but they liked it). Is it THIS different ? It doesn't look strange to me.
I mean, they are from the same collection so they fit together.

In any case, if my partner doesn't say anything, my sister said she really liked it so it's not lost.

Anybody who wants to talk with me ? I would love to "meet" you :)

p.s : for those of you how have had babies, what were the most useful things you had ?
I'm going to sew a few things for a friend who's pregnant with her first baby and I want to make something she can use everyday.


Chelsea said...

Well I love the bag Marika! Those are 2 of my fave prints from field study and I think they look great together.

I know what you mean about being bored. I've been feeling a little quilted out lately. Like how many of these things do I really need. I'm glad the strip around came along because I've been having a lot of fun with it.

What's the madrona challenge?

Ginette said...

Hi Marika. I love the bag! I think the fabrics you chose are perfect!
Receiving blankets and burp cloths are the most useful things for a baby the first few months. Bibs are VERY useful during teething and feedings. Hope you aren't bored for too long!

Marian-Lady Face said...

Wow, the bag looks great! I love the fabrics together, I still want some of that collection! I've been bored with a full wip list as you know, lol ; )

First babies are so exciting!! When ours were little the things we used the most were extra blankets and burp cloths, since they tended to get things messy so quickly, and lots of drool comes with those little teeth! I also loved having a good diaper bag for those early months, it's wonderful to have everything in one place. I made myself get one smaller than I thought I needed so I didn't end up carrying around everything we owned every time we went out with the baby. Hope that helps!

Emily said...

This happens to me all the time. I get the urge to start something but can't decide, and don't want to commit the fabric...drives me crazy!!

I had two friends give birth last April and I made them a set of burp cloths and a blanket, all from less than 1.5 yards of fabric. Super easy and well-received!

Good luck!!

amy g :) said...

I just started the Madrona Road challenge a week ago and thought that was pushing it, I'll be impressed!!

Ok, baby stuff...
We go through TONS of receiving blankets. Prefer them over regular burp cloths because they are larger (spit up travels quickly). You could make some with flannel and hemming the edges. I also use my ring sling daily. You could make one out of linen, though it might be a better "to buy" item. I have the maya wrap. Also, one thing I saw and would love to have - a drying pad for bottles/pump parts. Somebody made one with towel fabric/terrcloth on one side and cute fabric on the other. Maybe several, so some are available while others are in the wash. Hope that helps!

Adrianne said...

Ha - I wish my to do list was getting shorter!! I'm sure you'll find a new project soon. I love the bag - I don't think your fabric combination is that out there, but honestly, some people are just easily surprised by modern fabrics. Sorry - no babies here so I can't help much with that question.

Dorian said...

There you go, make baby things for your friend! Simple burp cloths, fun and easy. Quick receiving blankets (two 1 yr pieces of flannel, sewn right sides together, turned and top stitched), I love mine! Have fun :)

Shannon Smith said...

Very pretty bag! I like the colours.

For baby gifts maybe a hooded towel? Those are really quick. Sleep sacks are good too, if you have a bit more time.