I'll be back to my normal self soon

And by that I mean quilting and not sewing kids clothes.
It's just that they are so cute !

On Friday, I made this little top :

The pattern is McCall's #6059
It wasn't hard except I had to completely improvise at some point because I didn't understand what they were asking me to do. 

My normal self will have to come back because I need to turn this lovely fabric into a completed quilt by the end of the month !

It's for the Madrona Road challenge. I'm just waiting for two more prints to arrive and then I'll be ready.
I'm going to (try to) make this into a quilt : 

Ballooning cushion
I would like to start this week because on Saturday, it our Sew-In day with the modern quilt guild.
Wish me luck!

Ohh and school starts today ! I'm really excited to go back and see everyone and learn :)

I have two questions for you guys :
1. Can you recommend cute and easy to follow sewing patterns  (either tutorials or patterns that you have to buy) ? (for girls clothes or course)
2. What do you do with your scraps ? Mine are getting out of control and I need to do something. I'm not good at scrappy random, there need to be some kind of order.. 


Marian-Lady Face said...

Such a cute top! Your friend's daughter is going to be very well dressed! I LOVE that pillow! That will be really awesome to make out of the Madrona Road prints, I can't wait to see it!

I have enjoyed using Oliver + S patterns for kids clothes. The instructions have pictures along with the words and that really helps me. So I'd recommend those, plus they have some really adorable ones!

Have fun at school today!!

Ginette said...

Another adorable little top!

I LOVE scrap quilts!! My favorite is a scrappy log cabin quilt. You can sort your fabrics lights and darks or by color, whatever is easier for you!

That is only one of many things I make with scraps!! Good luck, and have fun at school!

Jess said...

I'll get back to you on the patterns, I've made a few that were really straight forward. Have a look at Make It Perfect ones, I've only heard good things about them, although I've not tried them myself.

Josée Carrier said...

I just love your idea for the Madrona Road challenge. I can't wait to see this on Saturday!