I shouldn't have

You guys, I drank the kool-aid. 
Yup, I started my own Trip Around the World quilt ! 

I started with this stack of scraps
I pulled every piece of fabric that could give me at least one 2.5"x16" strip. 
I spent a few hours last night cutting all 180 strips of fabric needed to make a 60"x70" quilt.

180 strips you guys. And I don't even feel like it made a difference in my scrap bins ! 
In fact, I feel like I created even more scraps ! 

This morning, I finished assembling those strips into blocks.
 Now I just need to iron them. And cut them into more stips and sew them back together.
Why oh why did I do this ? 

I don't even know if I will like the result. I'm not a scrappy person. I like to carefully chose my fabric and then decide where each print will go.
For those ?
 I had my stack of strips and I picked two and sewed them together, no matter how ugly they looked together. I only made sure one print wouldn't end up twice in the same block. 
I even used fabric I don't like ! 

We will see... If I hate it, I'll sell it or give it away.

I forgot to show you this bag I made for my partner in the Sew Sew Modern swap.
It's already on it's way to her.. 

There is a little bit of Heather Ross, Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt and Henna Garden. 
There is linen, text and chevron. And there is aqua, orange and those AMH feathers (inside).
All things my partner  likes.

I'm still amazed at how Noodlehead patterns are easy to make. 
Now I want to try that Go Anywhere tote and the Divided Basket (they would be great to store my patterns!) and I can't seem to stop making those Open Wide Zippered pouches. 

Enough for today ! 
I'm going back to bed. I'm waking up so early this week that I'm tired at 9!


Charlotte said...

great bag! I know how you feel about scrappy. I am determined to finish mine and then see how I feel about it!

Amys Crafty Shenanigans said...

Yummy projects and yummy fabric - yum!

Jess said...

Ooooh I love the bag!

jeifner said...

Very pretty bag with those fabrics and colors. Random scrappy is hard for me as well. I have really liked some of the solids STAW I've seen or the ones that have a more limited palette. I can appreciate the fun and color and business of the other ones but it would hurt my brain's feelings to make one like that.

Ali said...

I think that might be my favorite version of that bag I've seen so far, it's great!

LethargicLass said...

Oh how I wish I am your partner :) Gorgeous bag!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Ok, I want to see more of your quilt. The fabric stack is delish!