Home Tour : The Bedroom

I figured that since I don't have anything sewing related to show you,
 I might as well show you where I live..

I'm definitely not "done" decorating those rooms but will I ever be ?

There is nothing on the walls yet.. 
I'm looking for the "perfect" pieces I guess.
I do have two frames but I can't find nails and I always forget to ask the boyfriend.

Anyway, here's our bedroom for now ! 

My side
His side

Yes, I like aqua/turquoise. And I sometimes think there's too much of it.
I hope once I hang things on the walls, it'll "break" it ?

I don't have classes tomorrow and I've been doing so many homeworks that I decided I would do anything I want without feeling guilty ! I can't wait (to sew and to show you stuff too !). 

Are there thing you'd like me to talk about when I don't have anything sewing related to show ?
(because I want to blog but since it's mostly a sewing/quilting blog, I feel "bad" posting about random things..) 


The undomesticated scientist said...

its like a show home!!!! one of those ones i coo over in magazines!

Tiffany said...

O wow - this is gorgeous Marika! Man ... my bedroom is crowded and so messy, with clothes everywhere and mismatched furniture - lame walls that we can't paint, no bed frame. I'm jealous. lol.

Camille said...

Looks a million times better than my bedroom. We still have the hodge podge mismatched furniture thing going on.

I'm loving the white stripe around the top. Looks so much easier than putting in a lot of crown moulding. Are your ceilings normal height or are they pretty high?

Write what you want to write about :)

kat129 said...

It is so clean and calm and airy - like a grown up lives there! Thanks for sharing!

Jess said...

Your room is beautiful! I'd love to see the rest of your house!

Anonymous said...

I am loving your pillows - I definitely want to make some once I figure things out. I love the turquoise and the plants!

Marian-Lady Face said...

I want to steal your furniture! I love that shade of aqua, and your dresser and side tables are perfect!! Love it. What a great room to relax in!

Nicole said...

Squeal!!!! You are using the pillow I made! And it fits right in with the décor. That makes my heart sing. Enjoy, Marika!