A Lovely Year of Finishes - January

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that January will be over in just a few days.
And next month is my birthday month. 
And I will be 24 ! I know it's not but that's old !!

Ok back to the subject.
You guys, I'm not proud of myself.
Guess why ?

Yes, this is my January project, still in a pile on my table.
Technically, there are still a few days left to January so if I can get my homeworks done, maybe I'll be able to at least finish one of those two pillows ? 

I've made at least 20 items in January only, that's almost one a day and yet, I didn't work on this :(

How about you ? Were you able to accomplish your goal ?  

Right after this post, I decided to work on it even if it means adding one or two borders !
That's what I did : 

I have no plan for this yet. I know I'll keep it simple and I'll give the cat some eyes too. Poor thing.


Patti said...

You made so many wonderful things in January Marika! I wouldn't be too upset with myself for not getting to one thing! LOL! Is the Horizon photo for inspiration!!??

Jess said...

I'm convinced January sped up and deleted a week from itself this year. I have no idea where the month went. I am also behind (bee blocks, personal projects...ack!) but hopefully can catch up this week. I was really hoping to get done with my scrappy trip, but decided to make it a little bigger than I originally thought, then started playing with other fabrics, and you know how it goes...