Is approximately the amount of money I spent on fabric in 2012.
Fabric only. And I might have spent more. I tried to keep every invoice but maybe I've lost a few.

459$ on shipping. Put the two together and that's half a Janome right there.

But don't judge me ok ? 
I'm sure some of you are worse than me. 
And, I've sold a few quilts and a few other random things. 

There no real point to this post. 
Actually, I could show you something..
I could show you that quilt I made for my grandmother that I never showed you !

I don't like the pictures I took but I'm too lazy to get more so that'll have to do.
Very much inspired by this gorgeous quilt

And the dog !

I love it, she loved it, it's always folded on the bed and when she's cold at night, she uses it and my grandfather does the same with his quilt and I love it.
It ended up at  something around 54"x80" so it's pretty big.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment or send me an email yesterday. I really appreciate it :) 

I won't get into too many details but we talked for a while and it was nice. 
I told him what was bothering me and he told me what he thought about all this and it was nice to say it out loud. 
I found at least 3 reasons why I love him.
1. He lets me sleep on his side of the bed and he couldn't care less about it (I'm pretty protective of my side...) 
2. He loves me just the way I am with all my emotions and fabric and sprituality and not wanting to eat meat and gluten. 
3. He's the most patient man I know. If I had to be in a relationship me, I would have been gone a long time ago! I can be so annoying and yet, he's still there.


Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

I don't think I want to know what I spent on fabric - but I did sell some quilts and patterns to offset it. So that kind of like makes it free fabric right? Kinda maybe?

Love the quilt! It's just beautiful!

Adrianne said...

Beautiful quilt. Wow - you seem to be a super speedy quilter! Haha, I wouldn't dare tally up the amount I spent on fabric last year, it would probably give me a heart attack. I am trying to cut back this year, but we'll see how that goes...

Marian-Lady Face said...

Oh I'm so scared to know how much I spent last year...so I've been very good and limited this year to make up for whatever I did last year, lol. But you get big points for being responsible and facing the number. Stinks that shipping costs so much to Canada...

Love the quilt! You're so good with colors! And I think I have some blog catch up reading to do but really enjoyed your list, it's great to make those to remind yourself of how lucky you are to have a good guy in your life who loves you right back. I have to remind myself of the same things sometimes and it really helps! Hugs!

Ali said...

That's a great quilt! I considered keeping track of my fabric expenditures this year but...then I'd KNOW what I spent :|

Ginette said...

You are so good to keep all your receipts and add up your fabric costs for last year! I would be scared to find out how much I've spent!
I love your Grandmother's quilt! The colors are awesome!
I am so glad both of you talked and you got things out in the open. Communication is definitely key to any relationship.

Chelsea said...

Ugh, I don't want to think how much I spent on fabric. And with shipping from the us going up so much its just going to get scarier.

I'm glad you had a good talk with your dude. Sometimes you really just have to vent then put on the big girl panties and talk it out. This from a girl who had a big plate of gluten (seitan) for dinner.

Charlotte said...

it's such a beautiful quilt - I'm not surprised your grandmother loves it. The colours are gorgeous!

Jess said...

Absolutely stunning quilt! I'm so glad you talked it over (sorry I didn't comment yesterday, I was at a complete loss as what to say).

Little Island Quilting said...

I'm not judging...think I've been as guilty as you. Going cold turkey in 2023. Great quilt btw.

Little Island Quilting said...

P.S. I meant 2013!

Pat Merkle said...

Love the quilt. See what beautiful things you make, what does it matter how much you spend on fabric? You turn it into love!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Look at you baring the hard, cold numbers. You are very brave lately =). This most certainly should pay off (the bravery). Glad you guys had a nice heart to heart!

Melissa said...

Wow! This quilt is super beautiful! I love the colors you chose and the layout.