Where are we going ?

I want children. I want to bring (4) little humans into this world.
But when things like what happened in Newtown, I question my desire to have kids.

Because really, do I want to bring innocent soul into this world we live in ? 

Obviously, I can't even imagine what these parents are going through but my heart ache for them. 
It must be terrible and probably even worse than that. 

It's crazy how the world can stop for someone and just keep going for everyone else. 
While families where grieving, I was just working and eating and playing with my cats, doing all the things I usually do. 

I am not christian or mormon or anything else. But I do believe there is something bigger than me. I do believe there is something before birth and after death. I believe I am on earth to experience things and I believe my soul is choosing to make me experience those things so I can grow.
Otherwise, what's the point ?

And I must remember to believe in humanity. There are more good people than bad ones.

I know there is nothing I can do but oh how I wish there was.
I feel so helpless.

So today, I will sew. And while I do this, I will keep those families in my thougts and send them all my love because today, they probably need it more.

(I know it won't bring those children back, but there is a pillowcase drive for the children that were lucky enough to survive. You can find all the informations here.)


Just Carol said...

Very nicely said. It was just so sad and unthinkable.

Camille said...

Well said madam. I picked up my son and squeezed him tight after all of this.

whitney said...

A beautiful post. Sending you a virtual hug.

Regina said...

Very thoughtful post! But even while we are appalled and saddened by what happened we have to remember that never in history so many humans have lived so well and in peace. Your chances of raising your kids to adulthood, and even of seeing your grand-kids become adults would have been unimaginable to even rich people not so long ago. And gun violence has been successfully diminished in other countries, so there is hope that these senseless deaths will end. Don't lose heart, best of luck with your life projects!