This weekend

I hope you had a lovely weekend ! 
Mine was spent mostly at work but on Saturday, I managed to do some homework and sew just a little (I don't have any proof though because I can't show you yet. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for a certain someone).

I also decided to move things around in my sewing room (again.. for the third time I think).
I had no more room in my bookcase for more fabric and let's face it, I don't think I'll stop buying fabric anytime soon so I clearly need more room. So I decided to bring back an old table in so I can do homework on this one (she's not old, I've just had her for a few years) and sew on the other table.

I wanted shelves so my boyfriend installed some last night (thank god he can do these kind of things because I hate doing things like that). 
Here's what it looks like right now : 

Most precious fabric (Mendocino, Good Folks, La Dee Da, Typewritters, Liberty of London, HR Spoonflower/Crafty Chloe)

Oh and I need you help (again).
I talked to my mom about the quilt I want to make for my grandmother and she doesn't seem to like what I was planning so I will change my plan (again).

Here are the 4 quilts I like :

Now I really like the 4th one.. and I hate saying this but before I go with something, I must think about how fast the quilt is going to come together because I need to be done in 15 days. 
Usually, I don't mind but since I don't have much time left, it has to come together pretty fast I it would be nice if it wasn't a pain in the ass to piece (like those string blocks in the first 3 quilts).

So what do you think ?

One last thing, if you are interested in a Low Volume charm swap, sign ups are open right now for this one. (open to internationals)


Charlotte said...

I should warn you that Valentine took FOREVER to make, so it may not be the best option if you have limited time. String piecing is really slow in general, so maybe the stitch and flip triangles is a better option

Tiffany said...

Im sad you won't be doing the other option - I really liked what you had picked out! Are you sure you should trust your mother's opinion? lol :)

Jenniffier Kramer said...

First off love the purple walls. I really like all your choices. I think it hard to ask people what they think about quilt for people. Just pick which ever one makes you the happiest because the love you put into it is what your grandmother will really feel.

Lori said...

I agree the 4th option will probably go together the fastest. But any option would be great, they all are fantastic!

Marian-Lady Face said...

I love the shelves!!! Have you decided on which quilt to do yet? I'm so drooling over your fabrics, they're so lovely on those shelves.