Today started well.. I did a bit of sewing this morning. I worked on my sister's quilt, which I'm going to paper piece by the way. But the pieces are 9"x9" and 4.4"x9" so it's not SO bad.

Then I was meeting my team mate because we needed to finish something for my French class. Then we were meeting the teacher.. Well, both our meetings didn't go so well. 
I don't like working in a team. I prefer to decide everything and do things my way. And I can't because everybody has to be happy you know ? 

So as I was coming back home, I was thinking about this situation and I was really frustrated and I thought "there better be something in the mail for me today!"

And there was. 
First, there was this amazing pillow from the Modern She Made Swap.

Sorry for the very bad picture. It's only 4pm and it's already dark outside !

With a gorgeous pouch and some charms from Simply Color.
Doesn't it look good with the pillow I got from the Pillow Talk Swap ? 
I love my bed even more now :) 

And then I got my order from Fabric.com :)

The feather print will be for a Tova (I couldn't find that flower print from Children at Play).
And the top two AMH prints are for a bag for my partner in the Sew Sew Modern swap. 
And everything in the middle.. well it ended up in my shopping cart.. oops ! 

Can one have too many text prints ?


Jenniffier Kramer said...
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Jenniffier Kramer said...

I meant to say great pillow and lovely fabric... The extra comment was for the other blog I was about to post on too. Darn ADD :)

Lori said...

Packages can make any day a little brighter! Your new pillow cover is fantastic! Did Nicole make that one?

Adrianne said...

Lol, I know how you feeling about working in a team! I'm glad you have something to cheer you up when you got home - those pillows are fantastic!

Marian-Lady Face said...

Oh I hate group projects!! especially in French class!! I had to be in a terrible group project during my last year of French and it was awful...Hope it'll get resolved well for you!

And so glad you got some good mail to cheer you up! I love all the pillows you have, quite a happy bunch!!