In just 2 days and about 2 hours, we will say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013.

In 2012 : 

I made two queen size quilts in less than 3 months, both for my mom;
My mom went through breast cancer;
I stopped eating meat and gluten;
My boyfriend and I bought a house and moved together;
And I sewed and sewed again and again (and I must admit I'm a little bit sick of it right now, even if I really want to start something just for me.)
Oh and I (we) survived the end of the world. How awesome is that ?

And I know I made a million other things but those are the only ones I can think about right now.
And I also know I learned a lot about myself. Living with someone, even when you've been together for 5 years isn't always easy. But I guess when life is a little harder, that's when I learn the more about myself. It would be boring if it was always easy anyway. 

Let's see what I was able to accomplish this year :

 2012 was a good year and I hope 2013 is going to be even better !

p.s : i know some things are missing.. I didn't photograph every single item I made, forgive me.


Catskill Quilter said...

What a fabulously productive year! Congrats to you! Best wishes for your Mom's good health, and Happy New Year!

Jess said...

Wow, just wow. So many beautiful things in your mosaic - you should be extremely proud!

Charlotte said...

wow!!! That's a LOT of sewing! So many beautiful things :-D

Mareenchen said...

Your mosaic is impressive and full of beauties!! Great year!

Glady said...

You are an ambitious quilter and I enjoyed seeing all that you accomplished this year - two queen sized quilts in three months would do me in! Hope that all is well with your mom and that you are enjoying your new home. Happy New Year and happy sewing for 2013!

Julie said...

Wow! So many projects and they are all gorgeous! You have a great eye and it is impressive to see.

Kelsey said...

So many pretty things! Happy New Year!!