What would you save ?

Do you ever think about what you would save if you're house was on fire ?
Last night, I was laying in bed, unable to fall asleep and I started think about what I would want to save if my house was on fire or if I had to leave in a hurry.

1. My cats. That's obvious for whoever knows me.

2.  I would grab the biggest bag and just put everything I can in there. Especially this stack.

And I couldn't think of anything else I would really want to save. Not even my sewing machine.
Because you know, maybe I could buy a new one :)

Wouldn't you want to save this little guy ?

What would you save ? Have you ever thought about that ?


Deanna said...

I would save my daughter and her bunny, then photos (that might mean taking my computer!). Fabric is probably somewhere near the top of the list, but hey, with insurance money, I'm sure I could buy another stash. It's the priceless things, those that are irreplaceable that I'd grab first.

Crickets Corner said...

My house burned 18 years ago and the most important things saved were the pictures and my two cats. Everything else was replacable and I even got a brand new sewing machine, which I still use today. And I got to start on a new stash.

Tiffany said...

I actually thought about this during Hurricane Sandy in case we had to evaucate - what goes in the back pack/suit case?

1. Husband
2. Dog
3. Computers (all our pictures and documents are on them)
4. Folder with passports, birth certificates, etc. in it

... everything else is optional. Insurance money isn't going to cover all my fabric, clothes, shoes, blankets, quilts, dishes, etc. so yes, I would be VERY sad to lose a lot of material things... but they are not essential and if it was a dire emergency, 1-4 is all I really need.

If I was given another suitcase to fill with "non-essentials" I would def. put all of my fabric and my sewing machine and my quilts in one :)

Lori said...

That's a great question! I think my list of things to save would look like this ....

1. My Husband
2. My 2 dogs
3. Our Guitars ... unfortunately my piano would be left behind
4. The Computers/Camera
5. Old Family Pictures
6. Then I would grab my Weekender Bag and my quilt tote and throw as many quilts and fabrics that I could in them.

I agree about the sewing machine, I might leave it behind as well.... a new Bernina might be nice! :)

kat129 said...

That adorable cat would be what I saved - if I had one. I don't like playing the what would you save game because it makes me sad to know I couldn't save stuff. And reminds me I should really have a fire proof lock box and make backups of everything. Now I want a fluffy friend even more.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about this often over the years, especially when we lived where there was no fire service. today, it would be my mother and my aunty (who lives on a lower floor), then my box of family photos. I could replace all my new things, like fabric, but not those pictures. I had friends whose little place burnt down when they were away and the only photos of their children growing up are the ones they had sent to family and friends over the years. They were able to get copies of many of those, but still . . .