I want to make a Tova

I'm about to try something new - make clothes.. That Tova top is everywhere and everyone looks good in it so I figure it should look good on me too right ?

But I don't know which fabric to choose. Can you help me ?

I really want something colorful and feminine.
I love the three on the bottom row and I'm thinking maybe not the feathers because it's a directionnal print so maybe I should avoid that for now.

What do you think ?
Oh and there could be so many other options but if I want to make it this year, I have to limit myself... right ?


Adrianne said...

Great idea. I used to make clothes as a teenager, but I stick to quilts now. I love option 6 - its soft and classic.

Tiffany said...

Option 6 - sarah jane children at play - that would be perfect in a tova. Can't wait to hear about your experience - I've never made clothing before but I want to and I love the way this top looks on everyone!

Heather said...

I have to agree with the other commenters. I think Option #6 is a real winner. That's the kind of print you could dress up or down, depending on your mood.

Deanna said...

I would do either the AMH feathers or the Sarah Jane Children at Play. I've always loved that fabric.
Then again, maybe you should do one of each, that way you have two colours.

Marian Griffin said...

I love the AMH feathers or the Sarah Jane! Both are on my list as tova-worthy. Lovely choices!!! You'll love making this.

Janarama said...

I would go with the Sarah Jane also. You really have to be careful when using circles for tops, making sure the circles won't look like bulls eyes on your boobs.