C'est l'hiver, c'est l'hiver, c'est l'hiver !

(the title refers to a french christmas song that has been stuck in my head for a few days now)

Earlier today, I was looking at the Hawthorne Threads newsletter and there were a few prints I liked so I ended up on their website. Unfortunately, because of that, I had to add yet another quilt on my to-do list. You see, they have a new "feature" were they will match solids with every collection so it's easier for us to buy coordinating solids (and I LOVE that !) but I saw a color combination that I feel in love with. 

This is the collection I was looking at (just the text & music note print). 
See the pink/orange/green/grey at the bottom ?

Isn't it lovely ? 
I know, the colors are very fresh, which is not what one would expect to see at this time of the year but what can I say ? I love colors. I love fresh, bright, feminine colors.

This is what I found in my stash that matched the colors.
Hopefully, my (first!) pregnant friend will have a baby girl and I will be able to use these lovely fabric for her.. if not, I'm afraid I'll have to make something for me. 

Oh and on a completely random subject, I made chicken and rice soup last night and it was GOOD.
Like real good.

In case anybody is interested, here's how I made it :

I cooked 1 chopped onion, 1 cup chopped carrots, 1 cup chopped celery in a bit of olive oil. Then you add some spices (I used thyme, basil and maybe another one but I can't remember). Then add 8-9 cups of chicken broth, 2 cups of cooked chicken (in small pieces) and the rice (2 cups uncooked - mine is a gluten free mix). You let it simmer for 20-25 minutes and then enjoy. 
It smells soooo good !

And I made some progress on the Somesert Star pillow I'm working on (in exchange of some Good Folks, you remember ?)

 It is still missing 2-3 rows but I'm getting there !

Well, I'm off to making 3 pouches ! 
Have a good day everyone :)

(I'm linking with Diane today!)


Diane {from blank pages...} said...

LOVE your pictures! I love that color combination too! So yummy I could eat it. lol. Thanks for sharing the recipe too. I'll have to bookmark that one! (and thanks for linking up! Yay!) :)

Teresa @ http://twistfullyyours.blogspot.ca/ said...

Wow!!! Beautiful and the stash find too...I love it!

Adrianne said...

Gorgeous fabric combination! Your Somerset Star pillow is looking absolutely stunning. I would love to know how you make it - I think lots of people would be interested in a tutorial. Or maybe you've done one already I have missed it!

Marian Griffin said...

Wow your pictures are so beautiful!! I think we used to sing/listen to that song in French class frequently, lol!

Those colors!! I love them. Can't wait to see what you make with them, they'll be gorgeous!! I'm drooling over like, every single picture you're posting! Incredible.