#1, #2 and #3

#1 Winners of my 100th post giveaway are (yes, I decided to pick two instead of one.. just because I love making pouches!)

And also thank for all your suggestions ! I'll make sure to check each and everyone of them !!

Now onto #2
Now that this little quilt is done, I'll be able to start making christmas presents ! In November ! Maybe I won't be last minute like last year ? And two of my classes are ending this week so I'll only have 3 days of school = plenty of time to sew ! 

Originally, I was going to make 30 blocks but you know, I'm lazy sometimes so I changed the design and this is what I came up with. I'm happy. It would have been too busy anyway right ? 
It finishes at 47"x60" which is the perfect size for a toddler bed (or a crib). 

I really like it and I hope the customer will too. If she doesn't, I can't even keep it since the name of her little girl is on it. But I know she will.
I'll show you a picture of the back another time.

#3 would be a picture of my living room !
I'm finally happy with how it looks so I decided to take a picture while it was still clean.

Maybe we will repaint.. but it's not in our plan for now since the color is ok.
There is A LOT of natural light and I love it.
Oh and we will change that "table" in the middle eventually.
My boyfriend bought the carpet in Afghanistan, while he was on mission there and the couch is from my grandparents. And there is my pillow from the MSMS 1 (the one with the stars).
I put tin foil on my plants otherwise my cats p.e.e and p.o.o.p in there (it smells bad and I don't think plants like it).

Maybe you'll see the rest of the house sometimes soon.. Maybe not. I don't know.

Have a good day everyone !


kat129 said...

A. so excited I won! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

B. I am extremely jealous of that living room - look at all that wonderful natural light!


Tiffany said...

Your living room is so pretty and looks so comfy!