WIP Wednesday

Another week has gone by.. already. 55 days before Christmas. Can you believe it ? I can't !

Here's my list again. I'm really happy because I'm actually crossing things off of it !
I changed it a little bit though. I removed the quilt I want to make for me and the one for my boyfriend because those are the things I want to make once I'm done with everything that is on this list. I added the grey, yellow and aqua chevron quilt to it.

1. Finish Green and Brown Supernova. DONE (Sept. 28th)
2. Finish Out to Sea quilt (need to piece the top)
3. Finish Elizabeth's quilt (need to piece the top)
4. Finish Do. Good. Stitches quilt (need to bind it)
5. Make my sister a quilt and maybe a bag (to thank her for being so patient with me because she's been waiting for that quilt for a long time).
6. Make my grandmother a quilt for Chistmas
7. Make my mother pillows to match one of her quilts
8. Make Tiffany's pillow (I didn't forget you !) - THIS IS HAPPENING TODAY (hopefully)
9. Pillow for PTS DONE (Oct. 27th)
10. Pillow for MSMS  DONE (Oct. 24th)

11. Bee blocks October/November/December

I had so much trouble with those. The first one I made is the one on the right, you can clearly see that the points aren't matching at all. It's not THAT bad but definitely not perfect.. They were fun though and I love the colors ! I'm actually really excited to see how all our blocks will look together !

12. Catch up with the only QAL I'm in. I haven't even made one single block and it's been 9 weeks already.

13. Grey, yellow and aqua chevron quilt   DONE (Oct. 30th)

I finished this one yesterday !! And I LOVE the binding !! It matches the colors in the quilt perfectly. It's a print from Seaside collection by October Afternoon. 
It finishes at 49"x62".
You can't really see it well but I quilted some wonky chevrons on it.
 It's for a one of my boyfriend's collegue. They are going to give it to her tomorrow.

I'm almost done with half of my list!! 

(97th post ! we're getting closer to the 100th. I know what I'm going to do and it involves me giving away something I will make. Excited ?)

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Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Your Chevron quilt is so pretty! Love that mix of colors.

Marit said...

You are stressing me out by mentioning how many days until Christmas... Aaaaack! Love that chevron quilt - so nice and modern!

MaterialGirlQuilts said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the chevron quilt and I agree, the binding is just perfect!

Marian Griffin said...

Oh I just love that chevron quilt, it's so pretty. perfect binding is such a success.

and thanks for the heart attack from the Christmas countdown!! I'm going to need more diet coke now to stay away enough to get it all done!!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I love your bee blocks, the fabrics are fantastic! The Chevron quilt is gorgeous :)

Cindy said...

Looking Great!

Carla said...

Gorgeous chevron quilt!! I love how you've done all the different shades of colour!