Things I made today

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling so great and I actually didn't do anything... so today, I had to be a little bit more productive and even though I don't feel like I accomplished a lot, I still crossed a few things off of my list :) 

Wanna see ?

The pouch on the left if for a swap we are doing in the Happiness circle. I still need to know if my partner likes it. If she doesn't, I'll be happy to keep it !
The pouch on the right is just a little extra for my MSMS partner. I'll add a few goodies inside and I'll be ready to mail ! Yay !

On the bottom, it's a little card holder for my sister-in-law. She asked me to make one for her and hopefully, she'll like it !

I also made 3/4 of one of my blocks for October. They are easy to make but quite time consuming !! I'll show you tomorrow !

Made anything fun today ?


Tiffany said...

Love all your cute little things!!

niveas said...

I really love all of your pouches (and I'd love your partner in the swap ;)). I realy love linen at all!

Marian Griffin said...

If and when I do a swap again, I want to be your partner! I would love to come steal that pouch!! Your recipients are sooo lucky!!

Diane {from blank pages...} said...

You are so amazing!!!!!!!! I haven't looked at blogs today, and I absolutely love everything you've made. Especially your pillow!!!!wow. I want it. ;)

Ok, so here's the thing, I'm trying to post your giveaway on the One Stop Giveaway Shop, but flickr links don't work. I need an actual address for it (like copied from a blog). I grabbed the mosaic picture from this post. I hope that's ok. If you want to get me a different picture address, that would be fine and I can update it. I just couldn't find a picture of only the typewriter pouch, and I think these are all cute too. :)