(sometimes) it pays off to be lazy

Do you ever start with a quilt design in your head and then you start cutting and sewing and once you've made a few blocks, you lay them on the floor and look at them. And of course, you love them. But you're just too lazy to make 20 more so you start changing your design to finish faster.. Well I do that. I'm not the only one right ?

It happened for this quilt.. and I'm glad because I like this more than what it could have been. How do I know ? I had a very clear picture and I just know it's better now.

See, I was supposed to make 30 - 10 1/2" blocks. After 9, I laid them on the floor, fell in love with them but was not up to making 21 more so I started looking for another possible layout. 
I was going to put one of the maps in the middle of the quilt and sew the blocks around it but the quilt needs to be around 50"x60" so it wasn't working. And then this idea came to me to make all the blocks bigger and just sew them together. In the end, I only had to make 2 more blocks + the one with the name of the little girl on it (probably my favorite block).

It's going to be quilted sometimes this week since I have no classes !! 
And now I'm going to take a nap. See you tomorrow for a WIP post !


Heather D. said...

It looks great! This is very much like a Kate Conklin quilt, Fussy Frames I think it's called?? Anyways, I'm making one right now for my friend's daughter and I AM making 30 blocks!! It's a lot of fun though. :)

Diane {from blank pages...} said...

Very cute! I love it! :) maybe I should be more lazy so I can get more finished. ;) enjoy your class free week! Are you done already?

Marian Griffin said...

I love this! I totally do that too, lazy really works sometimes!! It looks wonderful Marika, she'll love it!!