I can't blog on wednesday

Anybody feels like you can't blog on wednesday unless you're doing a WIP post ? Because I do. I wanted to blog but I wasn't ready to do a WIP post so I didn't. Silly right ? Anyway.

The other day, I went to a cute Antique store in North Hatley. I've never seen a shop with so many things. 

I found some cute Pyrex in there but since I don't collect them, I didn't buy any. I took pictures of the pieces I found and I was going to upload them in the Flickr group dedicated to people who love Pyrex but then I thought about it and I decided not to do it because I don't want to ship Pyrex anywhere and I think the lady who owns the shop sells them for a pretty high price. I think. 
I found a gorgeous table cloth that I don't have a picture of yet. I just couldn't leave without it.
Initially, I was going there to find things my boyfriend could hang on the walls because he wants to make a bar (with draft beer and all) in the basement.  I didn't find anything (for him).

I also managed to finish this cute quilt top this week :

When I'm done writing this post, I'll go piece the back and hopefully, I'll be done quilting it today (and I was bright this time, I thought about the quilting the whole time I was piecing it.. so I'm not stuck at this step).
I really love the colors in this one. My inspiration was this quilt.
Originally, I was going to use prints for all the grey parts but I think it would have been too busy so I'm glad I went with a solid instead.

Maybe you'll see a second post today with the finished quilt. Who knows ? I'm only working at 5pm so that leaves me all day to work on it =)

That's it for now. Have a good day everyone ! Here, it's raining. Again.


Marit said...

Lol - I am with you on the Wednesday issue! Love tour herringbone quilt! I agree you made a good decision to use solid grays.

Marian said...

Marika you're too funny. I always think I should write something for wednesday but then it goes by and I (again) have forgotten to post a post at all!!

The quilt is so gorgeous! the hst's turned out so well!!

Sharon said...

Your zig zag quilt is Wonderful! You are fast if you quilted it all up today. Waiting to see it...