WIP : Work in Progress Wednesday

I really need to make a list of everything that is going on right now (sewing related) because I feel a little overwhelmed by all the things I need to make. I know I'm stressing myself for nothing because nobody's in a hurry to get anything..

And the worst is that being so stressed out about all this make me sew even less ! I'm constantly thinking about what I should be doing, I spend so much time deciding which project I'm going to work on and I'm losing precious sewing time there.

So maybe it'll help if I put it out there ? I don't know but I sure hope so :)
So here it goes :

Work in progress :

1. Big Green and Brown Supernova Quilt - I only have 4 more rows to sew and the blocks are made, sitting in a pile that I'm constantly moving, waiting to be sewn together.
This one is one that is stressing me. I've started it in August and it's for someone and even though she's not in a hurry to have it, I don't want to give it to her in two months. 

2. Out to Sea Baby Quilt - no progress on this one this week but I'm not stressed about it because I started it not a long time ago. It's also a commissioned quilt so I don't want to take months and months to make it.

3. Quilt for my sister - didn't even start. I tried the other day it just wasn't working. The quilt will mostly be paper pieced and I'm not that excited about that fact. I told her she would have it as a christmas/birthday present and she's ok with that. I still want to show her some progress soon.

4. Quilt for Elizabeth - the blocks are in a pile. I want to work on this one but other things just seem more important right now. I want to be done with this one before mid-october, hopefully.

5. Happiness circle quilt -  I'm still missing two blocks so I can't do anything yet but it'll need to be done fast after that. 

6. Pillows for Tiffany - I started to work on one (the Somerset Star one) and I really love it. Unfortunately, you won't see any pictures because I want to keep it a secret/suprise for her :) 

Things that need to be done :
- 2 blocks for Do. Good. Stitches
- I need to catch up with the QAL I'm supposed to be in - How Far Will You Go QAL. I didn't made one block yet. Ooops !

That's about it.
How do you do when you have a lot of things that you need to do ? Do you work on the things that needs to be done the first ? Or on what you want ? Or a bit on everything ?

I think that once those two commissioned quilt will be done, I'm going to take a break to sew for me and my family because I miss that. I miss sewing just for me.


Patti said...

Love your Supernova quilt and the colour combo is spectacular!

Jess said...

You are so like me! I know exactly what you mean about sewing for you - it's exciting to get commissions but it's hard when you can't make what you really want to.
Don't stress about the QAL - you have like 5 months to catch up ;o)

Sarah said...

I had to do exactly the same thing this week - write everything down, and look that ugly list of WIP's right in the eye! I feel like I just keep having to tell myself, "one at a time, just do one at a time."

Cherie said...

I always make a list then get the most important things done first. When it's for a swap I always try to make the selection first of fabrics and such so I can post pictures quickly in hope my partner may comment early on so I can have it made without a rush.
I when it's other projects I like to work on a few things at once, so that I don't get bored of doing one thing for ages =D

Anonymous said...

Love it in that colorway. So fun to see all the Supernovas out there! Can you add it to the Quilting Modern Flickr group?

Heather D. said...

I can't wait to make my own Supernova. Need to find just the right fabric first (oh, and finish some of my other projects too!)

Sharon said...

Great supernova quilt, what fun color! Just keep stitching...
But make sure you are enjoying yourself.