WIP Thursday Edition

Hello ! (with Heidi Klum's voice in Project Runway)

Wednesday is just not a good day for me to make WIP... I'm never quite ready.
I'm refering to last week post to write this one.

1. Green and Brown oversized Supernova Quilt - I am done with the top and I am sooooo relieved because I've started this one way to long ago (in August. It's not that bad).
I still need to make two matching pillow covers but I already know what I want to do so half of the work is done.
It's a really bad picture because it's really big AND we don't have a clothesline just yet. I am going to get kingsized sheets for the back because it's too big and I don't want to piece anything.

  2. Out to Sea Baby Quilt - haven't touched it either. It's almost next on my list.

3. Quilt for my sister - no progress.. but there are only 97 days left before christmas.

4.  Quilt for Elizabeth - haven't touched this one either.. 

5. Happiness circle quilt - It's quilted ! And I've found a little girl near me who needs a bit of love since she's very sick so it'll go to her as soon as I'm done.

6. Laptop Sleeve - It's actually for a contest with Art Gallery Fabrics. I have a few ideas, my fabric is just waiting for me !

Aren't these pretty ? I could eat them !

And then I also made a list of things I want to make :
- Pillow covers for my mom to match one of the quilt I made her in April. I'm thinking shot cottons in warm colors.
- Quilt for my grandmother (as a christmas/birthday) present. Last year, I made one for my grandfather so this year, it's her turn :)
- A quilt for me (us) with my La Dee Da bundle. I have a few patterns in mind (one of them beeing the Bloom pattern by Aneela Hoey) but I'm not even close to starting this one.

And eventually, when I have my partners, I'll need to make things for them (MSM Swap and PTS).

So that about it for this week.. I definitely wasn't as productive as I would have wanted to but sometimes, I just need to come to term with the fact that I don't want to sew all the time...

What about you ?


Charlotte said...

the supernova is FAB! Love it!

Cherie said...

A great finish! So glad to see you got it done! Good luck with those other projects =D

Marian said...

Wow, Marika! I love that supernova! It looks so cool!