Skipping classes

Last night, when I went to bed, I decided I was going to skip class this morning because I want to sew and I knew I would be quite productive if I wasn't going.. And I was since I crossed two things off of my list already !! 

So I FINALLY finished that Supernova "quilt" (duvet cover) that I needed to make for someone. I'm so happy/relieved it's done because I can now sew almost anything I want without feeling too guilty about it, which makes me really happy ! 
And I might even be very productive this weekend too since my boyfriend won't be home before Sunday night (which also mean I have all the bed to myself!)
(he's gone working with the Army)

This isn't my best photo but I didn't know how to photograph this beast... But I like how you can see how each block is soo big (9"). 
Since it's a duvet cover, I didn't use any batting. I bought two white king sized sheets. I used one of them to hide all the seams and I quilted a bit around the different colors (you can see the brown thread). I closed the cover with a zipper.. It's strange because a lot of people are afraid of zippers and to me, it seemed like the easiest/fastest way to finish it.
I'm really happy with it and I already know that the recipient is too. 

She (the recipient - which is also my half-sister's mom) asked me to make two coordinating pillows to go with the quilt. These came together sooo fast, I could not believe it (maybe an hour each?). I like how they are not quite identical but at the same time, they really look the same. 
The "pattern" for these pillow also comes from the Quilting Modern book (i love this book, did I already told you?).
So yeah, I'm done and I'm happy !

Today, well tonigh, I also finish our Happiness Circle Quilt !
It only needed some binding but hey, it's a step that is as important as the others.

 I will definitely add the little girl's name in that aqua square.. maybe with a butterfly applique ? 
But I still consider it done :)
I love the colors and the ladies in my circle did an awesome job with the blocks :)

I hope you'll all have a great weekend !
I'm off to some more sketching/planning because I got two of my partner's name :)
(I ordered fabric for one and I'm hoping I can use my stash for the other).
Only one more to know on October 8 !


Marian said...

Wow Marika! You did get a lot done! I love that supernova quilt on the bed! I didn't realize how big the squares are, it looks fantastic!

Charlotte said...

the DGS quilt is so lovely! You did such a fantastic job!

niveas said...

I really love 'our' DGS-Quilt! You did it fantastic!

Lori said...

The supernova quilt is gorgeous! Goodness I love the work that you do!

MC said...

Sad that you had to miss class, but it's an amazing bedspread!

SeeLifeMarvels said...

Wow! That's one lucky little girl. Love the colors and the wonkyness.