Pin it please ?

Hi guys !

I have  HUGE favor to ask. Randy from Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics has a kind of contest where you pin any FQ Bundle from her shop and then if in 3 days that pin has as many repins as the dollar amount of the bundle, you get that bundle for free.

So I'm very ambitious and I pinned a FQ Bundle of Chicopee, the whole bundle of course.. and that's where I would like you to help me.. Help me and I'll help you ok ?

Here's the pin !!

I need 69 pins. Please ?


kat129 said...

Pinned for you! will you pin for me?


Marla said...

I repinned. If you wouldn't mind reciprocating the favor!


Good luck you need a lot of pins!!

stephmabry said...

I pinned for you! I went with Bella for my bundle - I only need 13 more! Here's mine, if you would be so kind! :) http://pinterest.com/pin/37436240623589405/

JLVerde said...

Got you.

Could you return the favor?


Kelsey said...

Pinned it! Can you pin mine please :) http://pinterest.com/pin/225954106275709868/

Tiffany said...

I pinned for you - please pin for me dearie :)




thank you!! :)

CeLynn said...

I would love to help a fellow bee mate out! Mine is here...http://pinterest.com/pin/225109681345497485/ TY in advance,and good luck!

Lori said...

All of my comments have been blocked on pinterest!!!! Have you had this problem?

Allison C said...

I think mine are blocked too. Annoying. Anyway, I repined yours. Can you do mine?

Thanks and good luck!