I don't eat wheat

Because wheat isn't really good for our body. But you know, I'm not trying to convince you because even my boyfriend still eat some whenever he wants. And I'm not trying to convince anyone. I also don't really eat meat (I eat chicken sometimes but I don't eat pork and red meat) and I don't mind when other people do because I respect everyone's choice and feel like everyone should do that.
I don't care if people believe in that god instead of this one or if they breastfeed or not or if they don't have the same political opinion as me. We are all humans and we are all different and it would be a better world if we were having respect for each and every human living on this earth. But I disgress.. so let's go back to that title.

These are some of the reasons why (I took them on a blog because I can't explain it in my own words) :

1. The wheat we eat today isn't the same as what our grandparents ate: "If you held up a conventional wheat plant from 50 years ago against a modern, high-yield dwarf wheat plant, you would see that today’s plant is about 2½ feet shorter," Dr. Davis said to Maclean's. This isn't due to genetic modification of the wheat plant, he said; rather it comes from crossbreeding and hybridization that made wheat more drought resistant and increased yields and changed the structure of the wheat proteins along the way.

2. Eating whole-wheat products won't fix the problem:
Whole-wheat products are better for you than refined-wheat products, Davis said — but filtered cigarettes are also better for you than unfiltered. The point is that our increased consumption of wheat and grains is a problem, he said, regardless of the type of grain or how it's been processed.

3. Wheat can wreak havok on your appetite: Wheat is more effectively converted to blood sugar than nearly any other carbohydrate, Davis said, and that includes table sugar. This contributes to a cycle of blood-sugar spikes and crashes that can leave you feeling constantly hungry and put you out of touch with your normal hunger cues.

4. Wheat can affect your cholesterol levels: There are two types of cholesterol — LDL (or "lethal") cholesterol and HDL (or "healthy") cholesterol. Our cholesterol levels, when tested by a doctor, are a balance of these two numbers — you want a healthy LDL:HDL ratio, not just less cholesterol in total. Eating carbohydrates increases blood sugar and leads to glycation, which is the glucose modification of proteins — and that can be bad news for your LDL levels. "If I glycate the proteins in my eyes, I get cataracts. If I glycate the cartilage of my knees and hips, I get arthritis. If I glycate small LDL, I’m more prone to atherosclerosis," Davis explained.

5. You actually can be a carb addict: Polypeptides from gluten, a protein found in wheat, can bind opiate receptors in the brain, which can result in a mild sensation of euphoria after we eat wheat. A recent study found that opiate blockers, which are given to heroin addicts to eliminate the pleasurable effects of the drug, cut wheat consumption and lead to weight loss. Simply eating less wheat would have a similar effect, Davis said, but many people find that difficult to do.

(source : http://www.chatelaine.com/en/blog/post/31835--five-reasons-why-wheat-might-be-bad-for-you)

And there are many many others.. . So it's been a good two months now since I've last had some wheat and I'm feeling good. I lost 6lbs without even doing anything more but that wasn't the main reason why I stopped. I did just because I read Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis and I thought that I had nothing to lose. 
I'm telling you because ever since I stopped eating wheat and also since I moved, I tried a lot of recipes that I love and I wanted to know if you would be interested if I shared them with you. 

So, are you ?
(I would love to!)

What have you been doing this weekend ? 
I worked (a little), went to my niece's birthday on saturday and then on sunday night, there was a party with in my boyfriend's family and since I finished really early at work, I was able to go. And today, I worked. And tomorrow, we vote and then school starts !!


Marian said...

Interesting! I do love to eat carbs...though as I've grown up a bit I'm trying to be smarter about what I eat.

I'm always up for recipe's!

Jess said...

Not being able to eat cow's milk products, I find it too difficult to limit my diet any further. But I'm glad this change makes u feel better. I had the opposite effect when I stopped eating dairy ( gained 20 lbs!) But I was severely underweight. It is interesting to see the effects of food on our bodies.

I would love your recipes though! I'll make and eat anything that tastes good even if I won't necessarily restrict my diet. A gf recipe now and then is pretty tasty. I also have family that can't eat wheat so learning recipes I can make for them is always a plus.