On being last minute

Tell me I'm not the only one who finish gift the day I have to give them ? Because I do that very often.
I did it last christmas with my grandfather's quilt AND my step-father's quilt (I had to add labels but I think the binding was already done). And I also did it on my mom's birthday (I finished the binding in the morning) and then I did it again when I gave her the second quilt two weeks later and I did it again yesterday morning... Now that I said it, it sounds really bad!

Yesterday, it was my niece's first birthday and sometimes last week, I decided I would make her a pillow with her name on it to go in her room (I knew the colors).. The pillow was actually finished yesterday but then I decided I wanted to add some binding because it would look better (I love binding on pillows!) and I decided to do that yesterday morning, of course. So while my boyfriend was playing on the computer, I made binding. Then, at 10:30, he came up and asked me if I was ready to go. I still had to attach the binding to the back and I had to take a shower and wash my hair... but I asked him if he could go and buy a gift bag for me so we could save time. And you know what ?

He went running
(because I told him I needed another 30 minutes to finish -  and he thought that he'd have the time to go that way)

And bought a bag where I could have put at least 3 pillows.
So we had to stop somewhere else to buy another bag.

But in the end, we made it (late).

It's the only picture I have. We were late so I didn't really took the time to take a good one.

I am very seriously considering trying to teach my boyfriend how to sew the binding on pillows or quilts.
Very seriously.
Can you imagine ? One on each side of a quilt, sewing the binding together ? It would be so fast :)


Cherie said...

Such a cute pillow! Shame he bought the wrong size bag!
That's an idea, wish there was someone to help me sew the binding down! =D

Sharon said...

Great pillow, and the baby didn't know you just finished it!