Skipping classes

Last night, when I went to bed, I decided I was going to skip class this morning because I want to sew and I knew I would be quite productive if I wasn't going.. And I was since I crossed two things off of my list already !! 

So I FINALLY finished that Supernova "quilt" (duvet cover) that I needed to make for someone. I'm so happy/relieved it's done because I can now sew almost anything I want without feeling too guilty about it, which makes me really happy ! 
And I might even be very productive this weekend too since my boyfriend won't be home before Sunday night (which also mean I have all the bed to myself!)
(he's gone working with the Army)

This isn't my best photo but I didn't know how to photograph this beast... But I like how you can see how each block is soo big (9"). 
Since it's a duvet cover, I didn't use any batting. I bought two white king sized sheets. I used one of them to hide all the seams and I quilted a bit around the different colors (you can see the brown thread). I closed the cover with a zipper.. It's strange because a lot of people are afraid of zippers and to me, it seemed like the easiest/fastest way to finish it.
I'm really happy with it and I already know that the recipient is too. 

She (the recipient - which is also my half-sister's mom) asked me to make two coordinating pillows to go with the quilt. These came together sooo fast, I could not believe it (maybe an hour each?). I like how they are not quite identical but at the same time, they really look the same. 
The "pattern" for these pillow also comes from the Quilting Modern book (i love this book, did I already told you?).
So yeah, I'm done and I'm happy !

Today, well tonigh, I also finish our Happiness Circle Quilt !
It only needed some binding but hey, it's a step that is as important as the others.

 I will definitely add the little girl's name in that aqua square.. maybe with a butterfly applique ? 
But I still consider it done :)
I love the colors and the ladies in my circle did an awesome job with the blocks :)

I hope you'll all have a great weekend !
I'm off to some more sketching/planning because I got two of my partner's name :)
(I ordered fabric for one and I'm hoping I can use my stash for the other).
Only one more to know on October 8 !


Pin it please ?

Hi guys !

I have  HUGE favor to ask. Randy from Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics has a kind of contest where you pin any FQ Bundle from her shop and then if in 3 days that pin has as many repins as the dollar amount of the bundle, you get that bundle for free.

So I'm very ambitious and I pinned a FQ Bundle of Chicopee, the whole bundle of course.. and that's where I would like you to help me.. Help me and I'll help you ok ?

Here's the pin !!

I need 69 pins. Please ?


100 Day Hustle

Have you heard about the 100 Day Hustle hosted by Kelsey  ?  She has challenged us to go through our to-do list, finish those projects to start the new year with a blank page. How great would that be ?
She even has link-ups and prizes !!

And do you know what ? There are only 100 days before the end of 2012. Where did the time go ? I haven't seen it.. it's crazy !

So, on my to-do list :

1. Finish Green and Brown Supernova.
2. Finish Out to Sea quilt (need to piece the top)
3. Finish Elizabeth's quilt (need to piece the top)
4. Finish Do. Good. Stitches quilt (need to bind it)
5. Make my sister a quilt and maybe a bag (to thank her for being so patient with me because she's been waiting for that quilt for a long time).
6. Make my grandmother a quilt for Chistmas
7. Make my mother pillows to match one of her quilts
8. Make Tiffany's pillow (I didn't forget you !)
9. Make my boyfriend a quilt
10. Make our bed a quilt with La Dee Da
11. Catch up with the only QAL I'm in. I haven't even made one single block and it's been 9 weeks already.
12. I don't know if it counts but I will need to make two things for two swaps before christmas.

I think that's about it. Of course, I can't make all this AND go to school AND work during the weekends.. but I'll do what I can ! #1 to 8 (and 12) have to be done.. the other ones can wait.

What about your list ??


WIP Thursday Edition

Hello ! (with Heidi Klum's voice in Project Runway)

Wednesday is just not a good day for me to make WIP... I'm never quite ready.
I'm refering to last week post to write this one.

1. Green and Brown oversized Supernova Quilt - I am done with the top and I am sooooo relieved because I've started this one way to long ago (in August. It's not that bad).
I still need to make two matching pillow covers but I already know what I want to do so half of the work is done.
It's a really bad picture because it's really big AND we don't have a clothesline just yet. I am going to get kingsized sheets for the back because it's too big and I don't want to piece anything.

  2. Out to Sea Baby Quilt - haven't touched it either. It's almost next on my list.

3. Quilt for my sister - no progress.. but there are only 97 days left before christmas.

4.  Quilt for Elizabeth - haven't touched this one either.. 

5. Happiness circle quilt - It's quilted ! And I've found a little girl near me who needs a bit of love since she's very sick so it'll go to her as soon as I'm done.

6. Laptop Sleeve - It's actually for a contest with Art Gallery Fabrics. I have a few ideas, my fabric is just waiting for me !

Aren't these pretty ? I could eat them !

And then I also made a list of things I want to make :
- Pillow covers for my mom to match one of the quilt I made her in April. I'm thinking shot cottons in warm colors.
- Quilt for my grandmother (as a christmas/birthday) present. Last year, I made one for my grandfather so this year, it's her turn :)
- A quilt for me (us) with my La Dee Da bundle. I have a few patterns in mind (one of them beeing the Bloom pattern by Aneela Hoey) but I'm not even close to starting this one.

And eventually, when I have my partners, I'll need to make things for them (MSM Swap and PTS).

So that about it for this week.. I definitely wasn't as productive as I would have wanted to but sometimes, I just need to come to term with the fact that I don't want to sew all the time...

What about you ?


Frienship Quilt Blog Hop !

Hi everyone ! 
It's now my turn to show you gorgeous pictures of me and of course, the fun little project I made :)
When Diane invited me to join her in that fun blog hop, I could say no because I LOVED making frienship bracelets when I was younger (and even recently I made one). 
I wasn't really there in the 80's since I was born in february of 1989, but guess frienship bracelet where still very popular even in the 90's

Pictures first ?

This is me and my little sister. It must have been in 1991 so I was probably around 2 years old and my sister wasn't 1 yet.

I loved cats even back then !! But I cannot remember this one. We had a few when I was little.. 

And now, onto my project.
I decided to make this for my sister because even though were's not the closest sister in the entire world, I love the relationship we have. Unfortunately, we don't see each other often enough..

I don't have a tutorial simply because I used this one by Elizabeth Hartman.
It's genius and everytime I need to piece tiny squares, I use  that method because it's the only way (for me) to get nice points.

So this is where it all started :


And this is what I ended up with :

It's a little wall art and it's a bit wonky. Oopsy !
I could definitely see this something bigger made with this design (like a quilt!).
I think it would look pretty cool and it's so simple !

I hope my sister will like it !

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 Another picture ok ? Just because I was cute :)

Sooo thanks for stopping by and thank you Diane for inviting me to participate :)


The best cheesecake ever

Ever since I discovered this recipe, I made it at least 5 times, and that was 2 months ago.
It's that good. And there's not wheat/gluten.

1 1/2 cup  almonds and/or walnuts (I usually use 1 cup almonds and 1/2 cup walnuts)
1/2 cup sugar
6 tbl spoon butter, melted and cooled
1 tea spoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 tea spoon cinnamon (we didn't use it, we don't like it)

For the filling
450 gr cream cheese (I use two package even though it is 500gr) - room temperature
3/4 cup sour cream (we use plain yogourt last night and it's as good)
Pinch of sea salt
3 eggs
2 tea spoon vanilla extract
Juice from a small lemon (skipped that - we don't like lemon in cheesecake)
1 tea spoon lemon zest (also skipped that part)

Preheat the oven to 160°C (325°F).
In a large bowl, mix the walnuts, sugar and cinnamon. Incorporate the butter, egg and vanilla. Whisk well.
Place the mixture into a pie plate (+- 25cm) and you also need to "cover" the sides. Set aside.

In a bowl, mix the cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and salt. Using a mixer, incorporate the eggs (one by one) then the lemon juice and zest and vanilla. Mix for 1 minute.

Put the mixture into the crust and cook for approximately 50 minutes or until it's almost firm in the center of the cake. Allow to cool down a bit and refrigerate before serving.

(if one person make the crust and the other one the filling, it takes approximately 5 minutes to make.. it's really easy!)

I also finished my bee blocks for this month ! Laura was in charge this month and she asked us to make Fussy Cut Eye Spy Wonky Star blocks in green, orange, grey and blue. I really loved making those blocks because they are so easy and come together pretty fast :)

So that's about it.. have a good day people !
And if you try that cheesecake, let me know if you liked it !


WIP : Work in Progress Wednesday

I really need to make a list of everything that is going on right now (sewing related) because I feel a little overwhelmed by all the things I need to make. I know I'm stressing myself for nothing because nobody's in a hurry to get anything..

And the worst is that being so stressed out about all this make me sew even less ! I'm constantly thinking about what I should be doing, I spend so much time deciding which project I'm going to work on and I'm losing precious sewing time there.

So maybe it'll help if I put it out there ? I don't know but I sure hope so :)
So here it goes :

Work in progress :

1. Big Green and Brown Supernova Quilt - I only have 4 more rows to sew and the blocks are made, sitting in a pile that I'm constantly moving, waiting to be sewn together.
This one is one that is stressing me. I've started it in August and it's for someone and even though she's not in a hurry to have it, I don't want to give it to her in two months. 

2. Out to Sea Baby Quilt - no progress on this one this week but I'm not stressed about it because I started it not a long time ago. It's also a commissioned quilt so I don't want to take months and months to make it.

3. Quilt for my sister - didn't even start. I tried the other day it just wasn't working. The quilt will mostly be paper pieced and I'm not that excited about that fact. I told her she would have it as a christmas/birthday present and she's ok with that. I still want to show her some progress soon.

4. Quilt for Elizabeth - the blocks are in a pile. I want to work on this one but other things just seem more important right now. I want to be done with this one before mid-october, hopefully.

5. Happiness circle quilt -  I'm still missing two blocks so I can't do anything yet but it'll need to be done fast after that. 

6. Pillows for Tiffany - I started to work on one (the Somerset Star one) and I really love it. Unfortunately, you won't see any pictures because I want to keep it a secret/suprise for her :) 

Things that need to be done :
- 2 blocks for Do. Good. Stitches
- I need to catch up with the QAL I'm supposed to be in - How Far Will You Go QAL. I didn't made one block yet. Ooops !

That's about it.
How do you do when you have a lot of things that you need to do ? Do you work on the things that needs to be done the first ? Or on what you want ? Or a bit on everything ?

I think that once those two commissioned quilt will be done, I'm going to take a break to sew for me and my family because I miss that. I miss sewing just for me.


I don't eat wheat

Because wheat isn't really good for our body. But you know, I'm not trying to convince you because even my boyfriend still eat some whenever he wants. And I'm not trying to convince anyone. I also don't really eat meat (I eat chicken sometimes but I don't eat pork and red meat) and I don't mind when other people do because I respect everyone's choice and feel like everyone should do that.
I don't care if people believe in that god instead of this one or if they breastfeed or not or if they don't have the same political opinion as me. We are all humans and we are all different and it would be a better world if we were having respect for each and every human living on this earth. But I disgress.. so let's go back to that title.

These are some of the reasons why (I took them on a blog because I can't explain it in my own words) :

1. The wheat we eat today isn't the same as what our grandparents ate: "If you held up a conventional wheat plant from 50 years ago against a modern, high-yield dwarf wheat plant, you would see that today’s plant is about 2½ feet shorter," Dr. Davis said to Maclean's. This isn't due to genetic modification of the wheat plant, he said; rather it comes from crossbreeding and hybridization that made wheat more drought resistant and increased yields and changed the structure of the wheat proteins along the way.

2. Eating whole-wheat products won't fix the problem:
Whole-wheat products are better for you than refined-wheat products, Davis said — but filtered cigarettes are also better for you than unfiltered. The point is that our increased consumption of wheat and grains is a problem, he said, regardless of the type of grain or how it's been processed.

3. Wheat can wreak havok on your appetite: Wheat is more effectively converted to blood sugar than nearly any other carbohydrate, Davis said, and that includes table sugar. This contributes to a cycle of blood-sugar spikes and crashes that can leave you feeling constantly hungry and put you out of touch with your normal hunger cues.

4. Wheat can affect your cholesterol levels: There are two types of cholesterol — LDL (or "lethal") cholesterol and HDL (or "healthy") cholesterol. Our cholesterol levels, when tested by a doctor, are a balance of these two numbers — you want a healthy LDL:HDL ratio, not just less cholesterol in total. Eating carbohydrates increases blood sugar and leads to glycation, which is the glucose modification of proteins — and that can be bad news for your LDL levels. "If I glycate the proteins in my eyes, I get cataracts. If I glycate the cartilage of my knees and hips, I get arthritis. If I glycate small LDL, I’m more prone to atherosclerosis," Davis explained.

5. You actually can be a carb addict: Polypeptides from gluten, a protein found in wheat, can bind opiate receptors in the brain, which can result in a mild sensation of euphoria after we eat wheat. A recent study found that opiate blockers, which are given to heroin addicts to eliminate the pleasurable effects of the drug, cut wheat consumption and lead to weight loss. Simply eating less wheat would have a similar effect, Davis said, but many people find that difficult to do.

(source : http://www.chatelaine.com/en/blog/post/31835--five-reasons-why-wheat-might-be-bad-for-you)

And there are many many others.. . So it's been a good two months now since I've last had some wheat and I'm feeling good. I lost 6lbs without even doing anything more but that wasn't the main reason why I stopped. I did just because I read Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis and I thought that I had nothing to lose. 
I'm telling you because ever since I stopped eating wheat and also since I moved, I tried a lot of recipes that I love and I wanted to know if you would be interested if I shared them with you. 

So, are you ?
(I would love to!)

What have you been doing this weekend ? 
I worked (a little), went to my niece's birthday on saturday and then on sunday night, there was a party with in my boyfriend's family and since I finished really early at work, I was able to go. And today, I worked. And tomorrow, we vote and then school starts !!


On being last minute

Tell me I'm not the only one who finish gift the day I have to give them ? Because I do that very often.
I did it last christmas with my grandfather's quilt AND my step-father's quilt (I had to add labels but I think the binding was already done). And I also did it on my mom's birthday (I finished the binding in the morning) and then I did it again when I gave her the second quilt two weeks later and I did it again yesterday morning... Now that I said it, it sounds really bad!

Yesterday, it was my niece's first birthday and sometimes last week, I decided I would make her a pillow with her name on it to go in her room (I knew the colors).. The pillow was actually finished yesterday but then I decided I wanted to add some binding because it would look better (I love binding on pillows!) and I decided to do that yesterday morning, of course. So while my boyfriend was playing on the computer, I made binding. Then, at 10:30, he came up and asked me if I was ready to go. I still had to attach the binding to the back and I had to take a shower and wash my hair... but I asked him if he could go and buy a gift bag for me so we could save time. And you know what ?

He went running
(because I told him I needed another 30 minutes to finish -  and he thought that he'd have the time to go that way)

And bought a bag where I could have put at least 3 pillows.
So we had to stop somewhere else to buy another bag.

But in the end, we made it (late).

It's the only picture I have. We were late so I didn't really took the time to take a good one.

I am very seriously considering trying to teach my boyfriend how to sew the binding on pillows or quilts.
Very seriously.
Can you imagine ? One on each side of a quilt, sewing the binding together ? It would be so fast :)