Remember that quilt ?

Well I received a lot of blocks already and I was wondering how to place them to make the quilt. I mesured everything last night and realized that I could make a quilt that would be 64"x80" (which is a good size) if I was getting all the blocks to measure 16"x16". Now I was thinking that I could add some grey solids around the ones that are too small (with maybe sometimes a bit of aqua and yellow) but I can't see it in my head so I'm scared to ruin everything. I really want it to look random though.

I was also thinking that I could keep the blocks that are darker for the back and the brighter ones for the front so it would be like two quilts in one. But then I wouldn't have enough blocks to do what I was talking about previously so maybe I could just try to sew them all together and make a big border around the blocks ? 

What do you think ? Any brilliant ideas ?

I'll leave you with another view of my sewing room :) This is what I see when I sew :



Charlotte said...

the blocks look amazing! Could you make a couple of rectangular ones to fill in some gaps instead? Also loving your stash *stroke stroke*

Samantha said...

Now that I see all of the blocks together I am more confident that mine was the right colors!! :D I have been worrying about it.

I love them all together. I'm sure you will find a way to make it happen. :D

Chelsea said...

Wow, it took me a bizarrely long time to figure out which one is my block!

How about doing something like Oh Fransson's mod mosaic setting, where the blocks are floating on a background. Yes it means buying quite a bit of solid, but you could make it double sided like she did so you'd really only need a bit more than for a plain back.

Cherie said...

Wow all the blocks look great together! Maybe some solids mixed in to break up the prints a bit might work?

I'm loving your stash organisation, shelves make things look so much nicer! =D

niveas said...

they are so amazing! I love them all togehter and I'm proud to be part of it!
I like Chelseas Idea with the floating blocks. So you've the possibility to divide them into blocks for a darker background and blocks for a lighter background. Maybe one could be Kona coal or charcoal and one could be a beautiful yellow ore a middle blue?

The Michelle Show said...

I like the grey boarder idea, it would probably require the least amount of extra fabric and work.

Needled Mom said...

Nice view from your machine!!! I love all of those blocks laid out.

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed with how tidy your stash is. I'm living with a mess right now, but you have given me some ideas. Lisa