Fabric I never thought I would have in my stash !

A few months (?) ago, Tiffany and I arranged a little swap. I would make her pillow covers and she would send me some Mendocino. And I received it yesterday. That fabric is so gorgeous... I just cannot stop petting it.

This is what she send me - I have more than that !
Plum and fushia swimming sisters !!! Thank you so much Tiffany ! I think that the only way to get this fabric without spending a ridiculous amount of money is to have nice friends like her :)

I also got this little bundle for my Friendship Quilt Blog Hop 
I can't wait to cut into it !! It'll look pretty good I think.

And I'm going to leave you with a little view of my sewing room. It's not a good picture but for now, I'll do. Ok ?

Eventually, my boyfriend will make me another table, a bigger one where I'll be able to comfortably fit my sewing machine + cutting mat and various things I keep on my sewing table but for now, it works.
The colors are really great because at this time of the day, the sun is on this side of the house so it's really bright !


Cherie said...

Urgghhh Mendocino.....

Your sewing room so far looks good! All nice and neat...lets see how long it stays that way =P

Danielle Hudson said...

You're so right about the Mendocino. It is going for some ridiculous jacked up rates, though I'd love to have some. Love your sewing room and can't wait to see what you make for the friendship blog hop!

Carrie P. said...

I had some little pieces of the Mendocino and used them in some little quilts. I wish I had more too.

Your sewing room is so pretty.