I am in love ... again

But this time, with a sewing machine. Since I can't use my mom's machine anymore, I'm looking for a new machine for me.
This morning, I had the idea to visit a few stores near me and unfortunately, one of them had the Janome Horizon, the machine I was looking for.


I don't know when I'll be able to afford it but I know that I'll be saving every dollar I make for this machine. It's a beautiful machine and I just need it.

We will finally! have internet tonight so I might show you a few things I finished recently.


I am in love..

Like seriously madly in love with the quilt I'm currently working on (instead of studying) and that isn't for me :(

On my "design wall" :

This is my little stack. I'm still missing a few prints though.

Like I said, I should be studying but the choice isn't hard to make between school stuff and a new little stack of cute girly fabric !

Another little sneak peak - into the bedroom this time :)


Remember that quilt ?

Well I received a lot of blocks already and I was wondering how to place them to make the quilt. I mesured everything last night and realized that I could make a quilt that would be 64"x80" (which is a good size) if I was getting all the blocks to measure 16"x16". Now I was thinking that I could add some grey solids around the ones that are too small (with maybe sometimes a bit of aqua and yellow) but I can't see it in my head so I'm scared to ruin everything. I really want it to look random though.

I was also thinking that I could keep the blocks that are darker for the back and the brighter ones for the front so it would be like two quilts in one. But then I wouldn't have enough blocks to do what I was talking about previously so maybe I could just try to sew them all together and make a big border around the blocks ? 

What do you think ? Any brilliant ideas ?

I'll leave you with another view of my sewing room :) This is what I see when I sew :



Fabric I never thought I would have in my stash !

A few months (?) ago, Tiffany and I arranged a little swap. I would make her pillow covers and she would send me some Mendocino. And I received it yesterday. That fabric is so gorgeous... I just cannot stop petting it.

This is what she send me - I have more than that !
Plum and fushia swimming sisters !!! Thank you so much Tiffany ! I think that the only way to get this fabric without spending a ridiculous amount of money is to have nice friends like her :)

I also got this little bundle for my Friendship Quilt Blog Hop 
I can't wait to cut into it !! It'll look pretty good I think.

And I'm going to leave you with a little view of my sewing room. It's not a good picture but for now, I'll do. Ok ?

Eventually, my boyfriend will make me another table, a bigger one where I'll be able to comfortably fit my sewing machine + cutting mat and various things I keep on my sewing table but for now, it works.
The colors are really great because at this time of the day, the sun is on this side of the house so it's really bright !


Announcing the Friendship Quilts Blog Hop

Everything isn't back to it's normal for now and we still don't have Internet so I still can't really blog on a daily basis (even though I've never done that!). And I'm sooooo behind on blog reading ! I've got 160 post to read. 160 !!
I won't be showing you our house just yet either because I can't bring myself to do it until it's all done (or almost). And we (well, I) have plans to completely renovate the bathroom because I don't like it. It's an ok bathroom and it works for now but it's not really beautiful. Anyway. Oh and school starts  today! I'm not excited !!! I love going back to school on September. I always have big plans (like : I will read everything that needs to be read on time, I'll do my homeworks, I'll study a bit every night. I don't know why,  I never to any of this.) Actually, we're finishing the last semester and in two weeks, we're beginning the new one. In Qu├ębec, students were on strike so we didn't get the chance to finish our classes.. so yeah, I'm going to have exams about stuff I didn't read about for the last 4 months. Exciting huh ?

But back to what I'm suppose to talk about - The Friendships Quilts Blog Hop. A few weeks ago, Diane from from blank pages... contated me because she had an awesome idea (and she has a lot of those!). I jumped right in and I'm glad I did. I already have my idea and I'm just waiting on my fabric to show up. I even know who I'm going to give it to ! My day is September 17th so be sure to come back to see and there will be amazing prizes too :)

the schedule runs Monday through Friday with weekends open for spotlights and recaps.

 September 3: Friendship Quilts Kick Off! at from blank pages...
4: Diane of from blank pages...
5: Whitney of The Peacock Tree
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17: Marika of Live, Laugh, Love... Sew -- ME !!
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21: Lori of Lori H. Designs  

4: A SURPRISE LINKY PARTY OPENS!!! (You do NOT want to miss this one!)
25: Secret
26: Secret
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28: Link up closes for projects
30: Suprise Linky closes
October 1st: at from blank pages...  Judges Picks announced, Random drawing for the rest of the prizes, And so I don't give it ALL away, here's a list of the great sponsors, but I'm saving their awesome prizes for the Kick Off!! ;)
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A HUGE thank you to everyone who is participating in this event! And especially to our generous sponsors! You are going to LOVE what they are giving away!
Are you excited?!?! I know I am. ;)
Be sure to grab a button and help spread the word!!
Frienship Quilts Blog Hop @ from blank pages...


We moved !

I just wanted to let you know that we moved in our new house  ! I'm extremely tired since I didn't really slept well (and long enough - I blame the cats).
The kitchen is almost clean and we have A LOT of boxes to unpack.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures yet since the house is a mess and you couldn't really see what it looks like (I took pictures before we moved just to see the colors before/after). As soon as we're settled and I have Internet there (should be this week or next), I'll do a post with a tour of the house :)

I can't wait to show you !!


I needed to blog

because I was started to feel guilty.. for not blogging for so long. It's just that you know, I'm moving next week and I'm trying to sew to finish a few things and I'm working A LOT because it's been crazy at work..

You probably won't hear a lot from me in August either. I apologize. But I'll make sure to show you my brand new house as soon as we get in there and I'll try to post before/after pictures :)
I *think* I finally decided which color I want in my sewing room. I hope it won't be too crazy.
It's Kissable by Debbie Travis. And this is the color our bedroom will be (that is if I don't change my mind again).

I think I'm also going to use a wall stencil to paint a moroccan pattern on one of the wall in my sewing room (my boyfriend says I'm crazy. He won't help me). I'm still debating between these ones :

1. From CuttingEdgeStencil
2. From bluedoor17

3. Also from bluedoor17
4. From cutestencils

I know, they all look the same.. but I really don't know which one I like more. Which one if your favorite?

I'm also the host of the newest do.Good Stitches circle !! Since I'm the host, I could pick the name I wanted and I decided it would be the "Happiness" circle. I'm very excited and since I'm the host, I'm designing the first quilt.
I asked each member to make 2 Bento Box blocks in rasberry, aqua and green with a bit of grey. I made a test block :

I think it's going to look pretty good and I can't wait to piece the top :)

I also received my fabric for the How Far Will You Go QAL. I can't wait to start but unfortunately, I probably won't be able to cut into this lovely stack before September !
Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up with the rest of the ladies. 


I love when Fabric.com ships my fabric with UPS. It's soooo much faster ! And the lady who cut my fabric was very generous since most of my 1/2 yards actually mesure 23 inches :)

I think that's about it. What's up with you ?