WIP Wednesday - it's still wednesday for me anyway !

I'm not going to link up but I thought I could still to a WIP post.. mostly for me though (and pictures in this post are not going to be good, I'm sorry)

1. I finally finished piecing the top of that purple and grey quilt today. I'm very happy with how it turned out and that I'll be able to finish it tomorrow (or this weekend at the latest).

I was motivated to finish this one since I'll get paid once I'm done which means I can buy some fabric :)
(yeah because I decided that my fabric money was going to come from quilts/pillows I sell so I don't have to budget it which is a relief since I don't make millions and which also means that I just have to make quilt to buy fabric)

I've only got to piece the back, which shouldn't be long since I have a 2 yards cut of one print and a yard of another and I'll add white or grey solid to complete. I'm really hoping I can finish it tomorrow !

2. I finished my Modernista items. I'm really happy with how they both turned out ! I'm going to send them on Monday.. I hate going to the post office. I wish I lived closer.

(the pattern for the pillow is the Supernova, which you can find in the Quilting Modern book (and I recommend it. I've been obsessed with wonky and improv ever since))

3. I made another block for Elizabeth's quilt (no picture to prove it though) and I think I've got something like 20 people making blocks for me ! I can't wait to see them all together (and to receive the fabric I ordered for the back of the quilt.)

4. I started cutting fabric for another queen sized quilt. It's going to be another Supernova but in lime green and chocolate with light blue background. I'm using 9" squares so it should come together pretty fast.

5. I also started making those two pillows for my SIL. She finally settled on the Cathedral Window pattern.. I must say that it isn't as hard as it looks like but it's not that enjoyable either. Fortunately, one of the pillow is almost done (at least the cathedral window part) so I only have to make one more.
I'm not going to show you the picture I took because it's horrible.. it'll have to wait until tomorrow (or later, when I'm done).

6. I received this huge stack of fabric on Monday.  (again, crappy picture. I'll take a better one tomorrow).
Do I need to tell you how excited I was ? I've been waiting for this collection since January !
It's for a quilt for my bed. I wanted to make a Retro Flower quilt but I don't think I feel like sewing curves just yet so for now, I don't have a pattern in mind. Maybe I'll just start making big wonky improv blocks ? (told ya I was obsessed with those)... I don't know. My mind is thinking about it each and every minute, I know it.

And that's about it. I have having so many projects at the same time. I feel rushed to finished them as fast as possible.

Oooo and I joined the Hope circle of do.Good.Stitches today ! I've become one of their stitchers. My month is December so you'll be seing bee blocks pretty soon :)

What have you been working on lately ? How many WIP do you have ?


Kristy QP said...

Love love love that purple and grey quilt! I would never have thought of that colour combination but it is so stunning!

Looks like you've had a really productive week!

Mareenchen said...

That quilt is gorgeous! And I love your approach - I'm always trying to make it work for me, too. :)

Diane Bohn said...

I love that purple and gray quilt! It's amazing! I've always loved that pattern, but have never done it. What do you pay yourself per hour when making a quilt for someone? I wish I could find more people to make quilts for. ;) that's a great idea to use that for your fabric money.

I seriously love all your projects. I started you block last night. Thanks for the opportunity to do some improv! I agree it is a lot of fun!

I like you feel way to busy. Sound like you are making a ton of progress though. Good luck with everything! :)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Wow you do have a lot going on!! The quilt is gorgeous! All your projects sound great :)

J said...

Love that quilt - the colors are beautiful!

Cherie said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I'll be looking forward to seeing it finished.
I need to start selling my things too!
Loving that stack of fabrics. If you have some spare scraps left you know where to find me =D