Things I've learned

Well my purple and grey quilt is done. I'm really happy with it even though it's so so so far from being perfect. BUT it's handmade so it can't be perfect right ?

I kept the quilting really simple with straigh lines in the sashing stripes. I was wondering if it was "enough" but in the end I was starting to be impatient to be done and I thought that it would make the quilt more cozy.
And you won't believe how much time it took me to quilt it... 1 hour. Seriously. lol
It finishes at 60"x80" so it would actually fit on a twin bed - which I wasn't expecting. At least, I'm sure feets will be well covered :)

While I was pinning the binding, my little lady found her way into the quilt.. I was feeling bad that I had to move her to finish.

And before that, while I was quilting, I had to put another quilt near me because she was going to sleep in the quilt I was quilting  ! I think she approved :)

So what have I learned ?

1. Involving the "customer" in each and every step of the quilt making process isn't necessary. If that person asked you to make a quilt for her, it's because she likes what you do in the first place so she doesn't have to decide how to quilt and which color the binding is going to be.
(Claudia, the girl for whom I was making the quilt, liked wavy line quilting but I wasn't seeing it in that particular quilt.. so in the end, I went with straight line quilting and I like it).

2. My boyfriend is actually interested in all of my stuff. Well, he doesn't like when I ask him which fabric goes better with which but he likes to see finished quilt and he can appreciate the work that went into it (good for me. let me explain you why : this means I can making anything with any colors and any fabrics and he will probably like it and agree to put it on our bed :) )

Only one more quilt and 6 pillow covers and then I'll be ready to move :)

Oh and I am absolutely and completely obsessed with the new Sarah Jane collection, Out to Sea.
Is it really bad that I want to buy the fabric to keep it so I can make a quilt for my baby girl when I have one (when we start trying in 3 years) ? Am I the only one who wants to do this ?


Cherie said...

Wow the quilt looks incredible! The backing works so well with the colour scheme. I so wish I was getting that quilt!

Good luck with getting the other things all made up, I'll be waiting to see how they turn out.

No that's not crazy at all! It's good to be prepared for those things! =D

Marian said...

I LOVE the purple quilt!! It's so pretty, and the quilting is lovely. So are the elephants on the back.

I totally laughed reading about your boyfriend. My husband is like that now too, so it's all good!

And I'm right there with you on Sarah Jane's new collection!!! I'm sooooo excited about it. We have 2 kids already and I'm pretty sure that's what their room is going to look like (and any other kids we might have too). We can freak out together when it shows up!

Sooli said...

Sometimes a simple design calls for simple quilting and that's what this one needed. I love it, the colours are gorgeous and I love the paisley fabric on the back! And its been cat approved as well!

Are these charm blocks (ie 5"x5")?

Lori said...

Oh I haven't even thought about what quilts I will make our future kids but the Out to Sea line would be perfect! I might have to pick some up and save it for when a baby comes our way!

Jess said...

Nope, not crazy, I'm totally buying some Out to Sea.

Dorian said...

You did a lovely job on the purple quilt! It's so pretty.

moira said...

I love your quilt - it's beautiful. I bouht some fabric about 3 years ago for the baby we trying for. 18 months later and we'd given up hope and were planning to move on. I was wondering what to do with the fabric I'd bought especially so i hid it at the back of my stash. 18 months on and my baby boy has just turned 10 months old and a quilt is in the works!

Deb said...

LOVE your purple and gray quilt - it turned out amazing! And, no, you're not crazy about stashing fabric for a while. Years ago (before kids and before I met my sewing machine) my hubs and I bid on and won a silent auction for a crib w/ the most gorgeous girly bedding ever. We were years from kids...and it turns out we only make boys...but we used the crib and sold the bedding to a great gal, so it all worked out.