I'm crazy excited tonight !

* For this quilt I'm making for that girl. Let me tell you, it's going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I even ordered some backing fabric the other day. 14 people volunteered to make a blok or two for me already !
(If you want to donate something to her, you can always do it here : Love for E - she will very much appreciate it)

* For this new group Diane created - Quilting for a Cause - Stop over and join the group ! I'm sure we can all make a difference together :) (we already got 28 new members in maybe 2 hours?) It's going to be big.

* My mom found this picture of Yoda the other day on her computer. I wish kitties could stay that small forever.

*I ate that for dinner - it was good.
 (cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, avocado and greek seasoning on toast + cherries + a glass of lemonade)

* I'm this close to being done with my Modernista Swap item. I cannot wait. My small item is already done - pictures to come!

* I ordered 30 *1/2* yards (not 30 yards and a half) of fabric yesterday. I had a 20%OFF coupon. I was going to buy it anyway.

*I started to listen to Downtown Abbey and I'm addicted. I've watched 4 episodes in a row.

*Like is good, isn't it ?


Jess said...

I love that you have gotten so many responses for your quilt! Yay for the online quilting community!

I also love that you ordered 30 yards of fabric. I feel so much better about my own recent purchases.

Also love rainier cherries. Your dinner looked delicious.

Tiffany said...

I love Downton Abbey!! Soooo good and addicting!

So I am guessing you really ordered 15 yards of fabric total - not 30 1/2 yards (which looks like 30.5 yards) ... because otherwise that is going to be one HUGE blanket lol.

Good luck on your current projects!

Cherie said...

That's great news!

The meal looks nice!

Ordering fabric is such a task. I'm done ordering for now and ready to get back my machine =D