I'm still alive !

I did not disappeared.. Here's what been going on lately :

1. I've been working 6 days/week for the past 2 weeks so that leaves me with very little energy/time to sew.
2. (Maybe) Next week, my mom and I will be going to Burlington for the day (it's only a 2 hour drive) and I plan on going to Nido and Stitched + a few antique stores to find things for my house. I can't wait. It will be a good change of scenery.
2. I didn't not win the Summer Sewing contest. But that's ok.
3. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things I should be doing :
          1. Quilt for a friend
          2. Quilt for my half-sister's mother + 2 coordinating pillow covers
          3. Quilt for my sister
          4. Pillow for the PTS (needs to be sent by friday)
          5. Modernista Swap item - needs to be sent by the end of the month - I started to make something
          6. 2 pillows for my SIL
 That's too much and I feel so much pressure to finish these soon that I'm actually stuck. 
4. (not sewing related) I've been seeing by boyfriend about 1 or 2 nights a week because I work and he works and goes to school so that doesn't leave us with much time to see each other and it's hard and makes me doubt him.

I'll try to be better a blogging this week. I'm "only" working 5 days so maybe I'll be able to finish a thing of two :)

I'll leave you with a picture of some fabric I've been getting yesterday. I actually received the biggest fabric.com order I ever ordered and there was no mistake !

The top three fabric and prints that my mom picked-up at Jo-Ann during her trip to the U.S (she also got 5 yards of solid white and grey and 9 yards of batting with a 40% coupon - yay!). I also got 7 yards of Kona sky.
The lime/chocolate prints are for my half-sister's mom quilt, the turquoise and pink/red are for my sister and the grey/purple/green paisley print will probably be for the backing of my friend's quilt if she likes it.
This huge pile of fabric doesn't even cheer me up, it makes me even more anxious... I really need to sew !

Does it happen to you sometimes ? To get anxious/stressed out because you have to many things to do and can't find the motivation to make it ?


Tiffany said...

Nice pile of fabrics! I always get mistakes from fabric.com - either they leave something out or send soemthing I didn't order - but you can't beat those prices and coupons so I guess I shouldn't complain :)

It definitely happens to me a lot when I have several projects going on and lots of deadlines that I start stressing out and don't work on anything. Just grab one thing, work on it, and ignore the rest of them until you are done. That is the only way to get through it without driving yourself nuts :)

I'm sorry you haven't had much boyfriend time - make the time you have together special and don't worry during the time while you are apart! *hugs*

Just Carol said...

I do just what Tiffany does when I'm overwhelmed and stressed--I grab just one and finish it, ignoring the others. I hope you can find sometime with your boyfriend and for yourself. :O)

Jess said...

I agree with these ladies, you need some time for you. I can see why you are overwhelmed, but take some time to re-charge and then tackle just one project and maybe it will be motivating to have a finish instead of just a list.

Don't worry about the boyfriend. It stinks when you can't spend time together, but trust me (as someone who spent lots of time away from my then boyfriend, now husband) that worrying is such a waste. He's probably missing you just as much as you're missing him!

Cherie said...

Taking a short break is a good idea. Just make a realistic schedule of the things you can get completed and what days you'll work on each.
Maybe start one then move to another, so you don't get bored with it.

1-2 nights is lucky a lot of people hardly get time to see their partner at all. I'm sure things will slow down and you'll find more time to spend with each other. Just hang in there.

Great set of fabrics. You must be one of the lucky people who always gets the right order! =D

The Michelle Show said...

um by burlington, do you mean Burlington ontario??

Julie said...

Just one project at a time. Wishing you a productive week!

Diane Bohn said...

I feel that way right now... Feeling overwhelmed is definitely exhausting. Good luck though! I hope you can find the time and energy to get through it. I can't wait to your projects! :)
Good luck with the boyfriend! I know it's rough. Don't stress about the blog if you don't have time, just enjoy the time you do have and don't stress when you're together. I probably am the last person who should be saying that because I am the worst when it comes to worrying, but hopefully it helps. :)