Seeking help for a quilt !

Dear readers,

I've been reading this blog for the past 3 years, maybe more. Last week, she (Elizabeth) started to tell us the story of how her husband lost the supermarket his father started many many years ago - Part 1, Part 2, The End.
My heart breaks for her even though I don't know her that much. But what does a quilter do when she reads a heartbreaking story ? She makes a quilt of course !

So I'm asking your help today.. I'm asking you to make one block (or more, if you feel inspired) and send it to me so I can make a quilt for her.
What I'd love to receive are improv blocks  (tutorial in the link) in aqua and grey with pops of yellow (like this). They can be the size you want, I'll deal with that once I get everything.
I want that quilt to have a very modern feel so keep that in mind when selecting your fabric please :)

So, are you in ?


Samantha said...

I'm not great at improv but I would love to help with this. I've seen this happen in our small town also. Super Walmart came in and made all these promises to help build a bypass (which led right to their store of course) but it has taken them way more time than they promised and yet now that they are here every year another small hometown business closes. I'll email you after I get a block or two together to get specifics of where to send them.

Marian said...

Yes! I'm in! Not sure how many blocks but I'll be sure to let you know! You're a great friend. I'm sure this will be a great comfort to her as things go on.

Jess said...

I'd be up for making a block or two. How soon do you need them?

Chelsea said...

I'd be up for making a block! I'd never seen her blog before, but what a touching story. One more reason to hate walmart.

Diane Bohn said...

Wow! That would be so hard. I am in. now that we live in a small town, where the nearest Walmart is 40 miles away, it makes me rethink our ”need” to make a monthly trip to stalk up on food. It is cheaper in some aspects which helps us, but when one thinks about it, is that really what is most important? Thanks for sharing!