Things I've learned

Well my purple and grey quilt is done. I'm really happy with it even though it's so so so far from being perfect. BUT it's handmade so it can't be perfect right ?

I kept the quilting really simple with straigh lines in the sashing stripes. I was wondering if it was "enough" but in the end I was starting to be impatient to be done and I thought that it would make the quilt more cozy.
And you won't believe how much time it took me to quilt it... 1 hour. Seriously. lol
It finishes at 60"x80" so it would actually fit on a twin bed - which I wasn't expecting. At least, I'm sure feets will be well covered :)

While I was pinning the binding, my little lady found her way into the quilt.. I was feeling bad that I had to move her to finish.

And before that, while I was quilting, I had to put another quilt near me because she was going to sleep in the quilt I was quilting  ! I think she approved :)

So what have I learned ?

1. Involving the "customer" in each and every step of the quilt making process isn't necessary. If that person asked you to make a quilt for her, it's because she likes what you do in the first place so she doesn't have to decide how to quilt and which color the binding is going to be.
(Claudia, the girl for whom I was making the quilt, liked wavy line quilting but I wasn't seeing it in that particular quilt.. so in the end, I went with straight line quilting and I like it).

2. My boyfriend is actually interested in all of my stuff. Well, he doesn't like when I ask him which fabric goes better with which but he likes to see finished quilt and he can appreciate the work that went into it (good for me. let me explain you why : this means I can making anything with any colors and any fabrics and he will probably like it and agree to put it on our bed :) )

Only one more quilt and 6 pillow covers and then I'll be ready to move :)

Oh and I am absolutely and completely obsessed with the new Sarah Jane collection, Out to Sea.
Is it really bad that I want to buy the fabric to keep it so I can make a quilt for my baby girl when I have one (when we start trying in 3 years) ? Am I the only one who wants to do this ?


WIP Wednesday - it's still wednesday for me anyway !

I'm not going to link up but I thought I could still to a WIP post.. mostly for me though (and pictures in this post are not going to be good, I'm sorry)

1. I finally finished piecing the top of that purple and grey quilt today. I'm very happy with how it turned out and that I'll be able to finish it tomorrow (or this weekend at the latest).

I was motivated to finish this one since I'll get paid once I'm done which means I can buy some fabric :)
(yeah because I decided that my fabric money was going to come from quilts/pillows I sell so I don't have to budget it which is a relief since I don't make millions and which also means that I just have to make quilt to buy fabric)

I've only got to piece the back, which shouldn't be long since I have a 2 yards cut of one print and a yard of another and I'll add white or grey solid to complete. I'm really hoping I can finish it tomorrow !

2. I finished my Modernista items. I'm really happy with how they both turned out ! I'm going to send them on Monday.. I hate going to the post office. I wish I lived closer.

(the pattern for the pillow is the Supernova, which you can find in the Quilting Modern book (and I recommend it. I've been obsessed with wonky and improv ever since))

3. I made another block for Elizabeth's quilt (no picture to prove it though) and I think I've got something like 20 people making blocks for me ! I can't wait to see them all together (and to receive the fabric I ordered for the back of the quilt.)

4. I started cutting fabric for another queen sized quilt. It's going to be another Supernova but in lime green and chocolate with light blue background. I'm using 9" squares so it should come together pretty fast.

5. I also started making those two pillows for my SIL. She finally settled on the Cathedral Window pattern.. I must say that it isn't as hard as it looks like but it's not that enjoyable either. Fortunately, one of the pillow is almost done (at least the cathedral window part) so I only have to make one more.
I'm not going to show you the picture I took because it's horrible.. it'll have to wait until tomorrow (or later, when I'm done).

6. I received this huge stack of fabric on Monday.  (again, crappy picture. I'll take a better one tomorrow).
Do I need to tell you how excited I was ? I've been waiting for this collection since January !
It's for a quilt for my bed. I wanted to make a Retro Flower quilt but I don't think I feel like sewing curves just yet so for now, I don't have a pattern in mind. Maybe I'll just start making big wonky improv blocks ? (told ya I was obsessed with those)... I don't know. My mind is thinking about it each and every minute, I know it.

And that's about it. I have having so many projects at the same time. I feel rushed to finished them as fast as possible.

Oooo and I joined the Hope circle of do.Good.Stitches today ! I've become one of their stitchers. My month is December so you'll be seing bee blocks pretty soon :)

What have you been working on lately ? How many WIP do you have ?



I'm crazy excited tonight !

* For this quilt I'm making for that girl. Let me tell you, it's going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I even ordered some backing fabric the other day. 14 people volunteered to make a blok or two for me already !
(If you want to donate something to her, you can always do it here : Love for E - she will very much appreciate it)

* For this new group Diane created - Quilting for a Cause - Stop over and join the group ! I'm sure we can all make a difference together :) (we already got 28 new members in maybe 2 hours?) It's going to be big.

* My mom found this picture of Yoda the other day on her computer. I wish kitties could stay that small forever.

*I ate that for dinner - it was good.
 (cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, avocado and greek seasoning on toast + cherries + a glass of lemonade)

* I'm this close to being done with my Modernista Swap item. I cannot wait. My small item is already done - pictures to come!

* I ordered 30 *1/2* yards (not 30 yards and a half) of fabric yesterday. I had a 20%OFF coupon. I was going to buy it anyway.

*I started to listen to Downtown Abbey and I'm addicted. I've watched 4 episodes in a row.

*Like is good, isn't it ?


Seeking help for a quilt !

Dear readers,

I've been reading this blog for the past 3 years, maybe more. Last week, she (Elizabeth) started to tell us the story of how her husband lost the supermarket his father started many many years ago - Part 1, Part 2, The End.
My heart breaks for her even though I don't know her that much. But what does a quilter do when she reads a heartbreaking story ? She makes a quilt of course !

So I'm asking your help today.. I'm asking you to make one block (or more, if you feel inspired) and send it to me so I can make a quilt for her.
What I'd love to receive are improv blocks  (tutorial in the link) in aqua and grey with pops of yellow (like this). They can be the size you want, I'll deal with that once I get everything.
I want that quilt to have a very modern feel so keep that in mind when selecting your fabric please :)

So, are you in ?


A little progress..

Since I've sent my pillow for the PTS, I've felt inspired and I really found my motivation again ! It feels great !

I've been working on my Modernista swap item (which might be a pillow or a mini - I don't want to reveal too much) :

There are a few things I wish I had done differently but it will stay that way. I would have used white in the middle (instead of the black and white prints) and maybe I would have used aqua or green instead of the orange (or a darker orange). But I'm still quite happy.
Each square finished at 1.5" and I'll need to add a border and I have no idea what it's going to be - I love when I don't know something is going to turn out !

That's it for today ! Enjoy the beautiful weather :)


PTS Pillow finally done :)

1. And I'm just in time to mail tomorrow - which is also the last day to mail on time.

Piecing the top went pretty well and I thought about how to quilt the thing for a long long long time before doing it. I ended up quilting in the Heath with yellow, orange, red, blue and green thread. It's simple but I did not wanted the quilting to steal the show.

I also thought about the back for way too long too. I always want the backs to be nearly as pretty as the front and I really love how this one turned out !

I think I kind of did some improv piecing.. if it's not that, I still loved it. Just piecing without worrying about the size was fun and I can see a lot more in a near future :)
There is a zipper in there and you have no idea for how long I fought with it. It's not even perfect yet. I think it took me 3 hours and the sad thing is that I'm not even kidding ! I really wanted the pillow to be reversible and what a bad idea that was !

So that's it for the pillow.. I'm gathering a few things and I'll be ready to send it !

 2. I just joined a fabric swap - The Big 10 inch Swap and this round, we're swapping "low volume" fabric.  I know, it's a little suprising coming from me (since I mostly use bright fabrics) BUT I've been thinking about this swap for the last week trying to decide if I should join or not and today, I decided I should so I can make a low volume improv quilt (maybe with pops of bright colors - we'll see). Hurry up if you want a spot because it's filling pretty fast !

3. I even managed to finish something else today ! I finally finished my boyfriend's quilt (which is also mine, since we'll be sleeping in the same bed in just a few weeks) and I found out that I started it in september of 2010 (I just went and found a picture in my Flickr photostream to prove it - I didn't know it's been so long..) and it has been quilted since march.. I'm a little ashamed now lol
Anyway, it's done and my boyfriend is happy and picked it up this afternoon so I don't have any picture to prove it, you'll have to believe me.

4. If you know anybody looking for a baby quilt, I have 5 that I would love to sell before I move in a month (and I kind of want to close my Etsy shop too).. let them know :)
( My Etsy Shop)

Anything you're proud you finished lately ?


I'm still alive !

I did not disappeared.. Here's what been going on lately :

1. I've been working 6 days/week for the past 2 weeks so that leaves me with very little energy/time to sew.
2. (Maybe) Next week, my mom and I will be going to Burlington for the day (it's only a 2 hour drive) and I plan on going to Nido and Stitched + a few antique stores to find things for my house. I can't wait. It will be a good change of scenery.
2. I didn't not win the Summer Sewing contest. But that's ok.
3. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things I should be doing :
          1. Quilt for a friend
          2. Quilt for my half-sister's mother + 2 coordinating pillow covers
          3. Quilt for my sister
          4. Pillow for the PTS (needs to be sent by friday)
          5. Modernista Swap item - needs to be sent by the end of the month - I started to make something
          6. 2 pillows for my SIL
 That's too much and I feel so much pressure to finish these soon that I'm actually stuck. 
4. (not sewing related) I've been seeing by boyfriend about 1 or 2 nights a week because I work and he works and goes to school so that doesn't leave us with much time to see each other and it's hard and makes me doubt him.

I'll try to be better a blogging this week. I'm "only" working 5 days so maybe I'll be able to finish a thing of two :)

I'll leave you with a picture of some fabric I've been getting yesterday. I actually received the biggest fabric.com order I ever ordered and there was no mistake !

The top three fabric and prints that my mom picked-up at Jo-Ann during her trip to the U.S (she also got 5 yards of solid white and grey and 9 yards of batting with a 40% coupon - yay!). I also got 7 yards of Kona sky.
The lime/chocolate prints are for my half-sister's mom quilt, the turquoise and pink/red are for my sister and the grey/purple/green paisley print will probably be for the backing of my friend's quilt if she likes it.
This huge pile of fabric doesn't even cheer me up, it makes me even more anxious... I really need to sew !

Does it happen to you sometimes ? To get anxious/stressed out because you have to many things to do and can't find the motivation to make it ?