Why do you quilt (or sew) ?

It's late, the window is still open and both my cats are sleeping near me in their spot. I just finished quilting another quilt and I'm wondering : why do YOU quilt ?

I sew and quilt because I need this moment alone. I need to create something with my own hands, I need to leave something material into this world. I need to give some love to the people who receive my quilts (even when I don't know them). I need to touch, feel, smell (I always smell new fabric..)  fabric and I love to think to the million different combinations I can make. It really nourishes me and I need to quilt. 


 So just like I need them to make me laugh often, I need to sew and quilt.
And I don't know what I would do without it !

Everyone answers (please ?)

Why do you sew ?

(I can't wait to show you all the fabric I'll be receiving in the next couple days.. it's going to be crazy in here ! BUT, some of it is for my Modernista Swap, some of it for the Pillow Talk Swap, some for two quilts I was asked to make (yes ! you heard right ! I'm so excited to actually being paid to make something!) and a little bit for me. just the right amount)


Sooli said...

Quilting called my name and I answered, now I'm hooked. I have always liked sewing but wasn't happy sewing clothes. Quilting is like drawing with fabric so I get my sewing kick and my creative side gets a workout at the same time. Don't know why its so addictive but I can't stay away! If I'm not quilting I'm thinking about quilting! (Gorgeous cats by the way!)

Jess said...

I agree with a lot of why you quilt. I like creating something with my own hands and I think unlike other craft projects that can look junky/ not be well made or of quality materials/ not long lasting (at least when I make them), quilts are the total opposite. So, I like that I'm creating something that's of quality. I also love that it's creative of course so I can stretch that side of my brain. And lastly, it stays done. I have so many things to do day after day - dishes, laundry, cleaning - that are repetitive and never stay done for even a second, so I love that once I finish a quilt, it's done.

I'm ordering a bunch of fabric this week for upcoming swaps/ projects (I think I just pinpointed last night what to do/what fabrics to get for the Modernista swap - yay!), so I am so excited to see what you ordered!

Catskill Quilter said...

I think it is a form of play -- putting colors together, selecting certain prints...and then the actual sewing is very repetitious and allows me to daydream and think and just BE. There is always something new to discover, and something new to learn with quilting!

Cherie said...

I like being creative I paint, sketch, cook so sewing just fell naturally into that process.

I love making things and seeing the look on peoples faces when they see it. =D