The Monsterz Plus Quilt is finished !

Finally ! It's done ! I really enjoyed making this little quilt because 
1. squares are easy to sew.
2. it's small so easily manageable.

It's for a pregnant lady at my boyfriend's work. So since I don't know her, I hope she'll like it.

It measures 50"x62" so it will fit on a toddler bed. 
And the fabric is perfect for a baby but also for a little boy so hopefully, it'll last many years.

This picture kinda sucks. It's too sunny outside. And it's not on the right side.
I had everyone at work right wish for the baby and I wrote that onto squares on fabric that are pieced in the middle of the plus.
One of them says : "I wish you to live the most beautiful of all stories, yours..."

I don't know when they want to give it to her, but it'll be all washed up and crinkly.
In fact, it's in the machine now.

It feels good to finish a quilt. It's been a while since I made one and I missed it.
I know it won't be too long before I get to make another one though.

Oh and today, I finally received my Modern She Made Swap pillow.

How lucky am I ? 
It measures 24" so it's really huge but I love big pillows :)
I love everything about it : the pearl bracelet, the wonky stars, the colors. 
I also love the extras she sent ! Some AMH and kitty fabric + a voile scraf + a necklace !

It's been an amazing swap and I will definitely play along in the next round :)


Cherie said...

The quilt is stunning! Love the fabric colours. I'm sure even through the teen years that quilt will still be be loved!

Great package to receive from the swap! =D

Marian said...

Adorable! Love the plus pattern. And such a great idea to write down wishes, that will be so sweet for the parents to look at.

And you're the lucky one who got that MSM goodie pile! Such a gorgeous pillow cover. Lucky you!

Tiffany said...

I like your plus quilt and you got a great swap package!!

kendascrafts said...

That's a fun baby quilt!