Best days..

... are mail days :)
Which also means that I'm going to have a lot to show you !

It's not all for me though. 
Some of it is for the Modernista Swap, some for the PTS, some for  a quilt I'm making for a friend and some for 2 pillow covers for my SIL.

BUT, it's in my home for now and I'm enjoying all of it :)

What have you been buying ?
Or what do you want to buy ?


Carrie P. said...

really pretty fabrics.
I am saving my money for a big quilt expo I am going to this week. can't wait.

Jess said...

Your sister and swap partners and friends must be very excited! I'm anxiously waiting for my modernista fabrics to come in the mail, hopefully they get here soon!

The Michelle Show said...

Ugh, I'm so jealous! I have a heap of clothing I want to upcycle first before I get to order new fabric.

Cherie said...

I'm on a fabric ban! No more mail days and gorgeous fabric at my door =(