WIP - Friday Edition

Hi guys ! 
How have you been doing ? It's been so hot these last couple days here that I haven't been up to much. I mostly stayed in the basement (where it's a lot cooler) to read.. But I still managed to finish my PTS pillow top ! 

I love this one so much that I don't know if I'll even be able to send it... My partner will really need to convince me on this one :p

I made my own paper template for this one and it went quite fast. The last row took me about 45 minutes to sew so it's not too bad.

(anybody interested in having the paper piecing pattern ? If some of you are, I could always make it available somewhere).

I'm thinking that some hand quilting in the grey part might look nice. 
Have a better idea ?

I also started to cut into this lovely stack :

to make this quilt :

All the cutting is done and the white strips are attached to the squares so I just need to piece the top.
I think it's going to be a lovely quilt and I like that I have the opportunity to make a something in these colors :)

What have you been sewing ?
How's the weather in your part of the world ?


A little vote please ?

Hi guys !

Do you remember that pillow ?

Well I entered it in the Summer Sewing Contest @Ellison Lane Quilts.
And can you guess what ?

I'm a FINALIST !!!
I'm sooooo freaking excited !

You can vote all week here.
You can vote for who you want, but I'd be more than happy if you voted for me.

(if I win, I'll hold a little giveaway here to thank you all - I AM NOT trying to bribe you!)


Best days..

... are mail days :)
Which also means that I'm going to have a lot to show you !

It's not all for me though. 
Some of it is for the Modernista Swap, some for the PTS, some for  a quilt I'm making for a friend and some for 2 pillow covers for my SIL.

BUT, it's in my home for now and I'm enjoying all of it :)

What have you been buying ?
Or what do you want to buy ?


The Monsterz Plus Quilt is finished !

Finally ! It's done ! I really enjoyed making this little quilt because 
1. squares are easy to sew.
2. it's small so easily manageable.

It's for a pregnant lady at my boyfriend's work. So since I don't know her, I hope she'll like it.

It measures 50"x62" so it will fit on a toddler bed. 
And the fabric is perfect for a baby but also for a little boy so hopefully, it'll last many years.

This picture kinda sucks. It's too sunny outside. And it's not on the right side.
I had everyone at work right wish for the baby and I wrote that onto squares on fabric that are pieced in the middle of the plus.
One of them says : "I wish you to live the most beautiful of all stories, yours..."

I don't know when they want to give it to her, but it'll be all washed up and crinkly.
In fact, it's in the machine now.

It feels good to finish a quilt. It's been a while since I made one and I missed it.
I know it won't be too long before I get to make another one though.

Oh and today, I finally received my Modern She Made Swap pillow.

How lucky am I ? 
It measures 24" so it's really huge but I love big pillows :)
I love everything about it : the pearl bracelet, the wonky stars, the colors. 
I also love the extras she sent ! Some AMH and kitty fabric + a voile scraf + a necklace !

It's been an amazing swap and I will definitely play along in the next round :)


Why do you quilt (or sew) ?

It's late, the window is still open and both my cats are sleeping near me in their spot. I just finished quilting another quilt and I'm wondering : why do YOU quilt ?

I sew and quilt because I need this moment alone. I need to create something with my own hands, I need to leave something material into this world. I need to give some love to the people who receive my quilts (even when I don't know them). I need to touch, feel, smell (I always smell new fabric..)  fabric and I love to think to the million different combinations I can make. It really nourishes me and I need to quilt. 


 So just like I need them to make me laugh often, I need to sew and quilt.
And I don't know what I would do without it !

Everyone answers (please ?)

Why do you sew ?

(I can't wait to show you all the fabric I'll be receiving in the next couple days.. it's going to be crazy in here ! BUT, some of it is for my Modernista Swap, some of it for the Pillow Talk Swap, some for two quilts I was asked to make (yes ! you heard right ! I'm so excited to actually being paid to make something!) and a little bit for me. just the right amount)


Charming Traveler's Winner !

Good morning everyone !

We have a winner and it's :

This girl is very lucky on my blog because it's the second time she wins (she won SMS Giveaway Day last year too!)

I emailed her and I'm sure I'll hear back from her very soon :)

Here, the sun is shinning, the birds are signing and I'm sewing. I'll have a finished quilt to show you very soon (it's been a long time !) and I have a few others coming (one for my sister, one for a friend and another one that I might just keep for my baby girl (that I already named even though we don't plan on having kids soon - am I the only one to do that?).. It's going to be this design but with Sarah Jane's Children at Play fabric (the pink/lilac/coral prints, not the boyish ones).. I might just be in love with this collection  ! I can't wait to start !

What have you been making lately ?


A Giveaway and swaps

Well hello everyone ! How was your weekend ?
Mine was spent working, it was really really crazy ! BUT crazy weekends = more money = more fabric so it's ok :)

A few weeks ago, I won the second  Charming Travelers that Karen decided to start and I received it today ! I was so excited :)

Soo it's now your chance to be the next winner of the charm pack !
**Please Note - This is a charm pack swap. When you receive the pack, you keep some and replace them with good quality, fun charms from your own stash. Please keep this in mind when you leave a comment.

If you want to participate, you MUST be willing to ship to the U.S or Canada please (and keep it that way ! There is already a charm pack for U.S people only).
So, to enter, just leave a comment. Anything will do ! The drawing will be done on Monday, June 11th.

Now, onto the swap stuff. I GOT A PLACE IN THE PILLOW TALK SWAP !!! I'm so so so excited !
As soon as I got my partner, I started stalking her and this is what I came up with (for now) :

My favorite one is the rainbow one with Heath in Steel.. I don't like rainbow that much but I don't know, the grey just does it for me. Since we only have a month to sketch + buy anything you need + make the pillow + ship it, I hope I'll have an answer fast !
I wouldn't use solids, it was just easier for me to use colors that were already in the sketchbook than trying to find prints and then uploading them.

AND, I'm also in the Modernista Homemade Swap. I got my partner this morning (thanks Jennifer for being that fast for me!) and I also sketched something.

My partner said she liked black and white prints with colors.. I'm still not quite sure about that. I like the design but I'm not sure about the Heath in grey + black and white prints (which are a must!). I don't know, there's something wrong..
What do you think ? Would you change something ?

So that's about it for now.. Good luck with the giveaway !