Mail day !

And let me tell you that today was a good one :)

The two fabric on the bottom are for the Sherbet Charm Swap and all the others are for me :)
The bad new is that I had to order more of the one on the bottom because I did a little error. Hope it'll be here fast !

I need to ask you something. It's about the picture below (not my best!) : 

Do you like the raspberry/apple green with the aqua ? My mom thinks it would look better with some orange but I'm not 100% sure. So what do you think ?

In other news, my MSMS partner received her pillow today and she loved it ! I'm glad because I would have been sad to send it to someone who didn't like it as much as me. I'm still sad that it's gone.

What have you been doing lately (sewing related or not) ? I haven't done much. I don't know what to do. I mean, I can't make hundred of pillows and fabric baskets right ?


moira said...

that colour combo works for me

Marian said...

I love those fabrics!! In both pictures.

I think maybe one orange would be fine, but I'd only use it as a little highlight, the other colors are so wonderful I wouldn't want it to take over. But a little orange would make it pop I think. Either way it's a great stack!

I'm in the sherbet swap too and haven't gotten my fabric yet...I've been nervous about getting the right color, I think you nailed it!! Nicely done!

Cherie said...

The colours work amazingly together! Orange would go great with them too.

I've been sewing and trying to beat the heat.
Great to hear...and yes of course as long as you send some my way ;D

Kelly said...

It works for me - gorgeous fabrics!

Debbie Keely said...

the colors look great together