A few things.. again !

Hey everyone ! I'm stopping by quickly to show you my Modern She Made Swap pillow that I finished last night. I am REALLY happy with the result and my partner seems to like it so I'll be happy to send it to it's new home in a week or so. I just need to gather a few extras ! I'm actually early, which is very suprising :)

I am also very happy with the way my zipper look. In fact, I might make this kind of closure on all the pillows I'll make in the future because it was really easy.
I used this tutorial and it was very easy to follow. It looks really clean !

Oh and today I'm going to Montreal with my mom and we'll probably go to that little fabric shop where I'll probably look for a little bundle to give away on May 21st (Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day in case anybody needs a reminder). I'm so excited !

I had something else to talk about but I can't remember...
So have a great day !

**Edit : I remembered.
I wanted to tell you about a cool swap that will take place really soon (as soon as all the spots are taken). It's the Yummy Sherbet Charm Swap  on Flickr. Go sign up ! It's going to be fun :)


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The cushion is incredible!! So gorgeous, what a lucky partner!

Cherie said...

What a great cushion! Love the pattern! =D

Swedish Scrapper said...

Wow, gorgeous! It's just as lovely on the back as the front! I bet the photo doesn't even do it justice! Love the reds, and the blues; really a masterpiece :D