Somerset Star Pillow

Remember the pillow I made for my Modern She Made swap partner ? I liked it so much that I had to make one for myself too.. The stack of fabric went from this :

To this :

 And I ended up with this :

We (my mom and I) used a book about colors to help us pick the colors and I'm very happy with this little stack. Just looking at it makes me happy :)

I love this pillow so much. It's almost as if the green was shinning.. And I absolutely love that raspberry color. If you want to make something simple but really impressive, try this.

Somerset Star Tutorial  (except mine has 14 "rows" instead of 4)
How to make a circle  that looks like it's pieced, except it's not here.

If you try it, send me some pictures !


Mail day !

And let me tell you that today was a good one :)

The two fabric on the bottom are for the Sherbet Charm Swap and all the others are for me :)
The bad new is that I had to order more of the one on the bottom because I did a little error. Hope it'll be here fast !

I need to ask you something. It's about the picture below (not my best!) : 

Do you like the raspberry/apple green with the aqua ? My mom thinks it would look better with some orange but I'm not 100% sure. So what do you think ?

In other news, my MSMS partner received her pillow today and she loved it ! I'm glad because I would have been sad to send it to someone who didn't like it as much as me. I'm still sad that it's gone.

What have you been doing lately (sewing related or not) ? I haven't done much. I don't know what to do. I mean, I can't make hundred of pillows and fabric baskets right ?


Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Winner

I'm a little late picking the winners but I don't think anyone will complain !

The first winner is :

Congratulations Lynn !
She has been contacted and if I don't hear from her this weekend, I'll pick another winner on sunday night.

I also said I was going to pick a second winner since I now have more than 200 followers ! Thanks again!! I can't believe it !

Congratulations Samantha ! I'll send you a little something (maybe the scissors, maybe not.. I'll decide that tomorrow morning !). She has also been contacted.

Thank you to everyone who entered, I wish I could send something to everyone :)

I moved !

To my new temporary sewing room and I'm so so so happy !
Since I'm moving out, my mom is going to sell the house really soon so we are in the process of cleaning every little corner and since she hasn't been sewing a lot lately (and I've been), we decided that I should move my things upstairs !

So I went from a big room with absolutely no natural light to this :

Here's the "cutting area". There are unfinished quilts and finished one in the tubs under the table.
Here's my stash. These are mostly 1/2 yard cuts (and a few yards cut). The plastic thing between the shelves and the table contains my scraps (sorted by colors).
I love seeing all this when I come into the room, it makes me want to create someting new.

The sewing room in our new house should look a bit like this since the rooms are almost the same size.
Where do YOU sew ? And what do you like/dislike about the room you sew in ? I'm curious..

I'll pick the winners for the SMS Giveway day week tonight and since I now have more than 200 followers, I'll pick a second winner amongst them :) Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway !


Monsterz Plus Quilt

Good morning !
I love waiking up early, I feel like I can accomplish so much more in a day !
These days, I often wake up before 7am. I don't know if it's the gorgeous weather we have but I just can't seem to sleep past 7:00.

Anyway.. last night, I started and finished piecing the quilt top I am making for my boyfriend's collegue. It went really well and pretty fast too. The ironing/cutting took me about 45 minutes and the piecing took approximately 3 hours (minus a little break to eat a bowl of cereal because I was hungry and more little breaks to pet the cats and play with them). It was nice making something so simple and I realise I missed making quilts. It's been a while since I made one and I really enjoyed it. 
It took a lot of time to settle on a pattern because I did not wanted something with pieces that would be too small (because I wanted to see the monsterz!). I wanted to make the raw edge circle quilt but my boyfriend was concerned with the raw edges and since I wanted to make a plus quilt, I decided to go for it !

It's a little bigger than your average baby quilt (48"x60") because I wanted the baby to be able to grow with itso it can fit in a toddle bed (I think..).

Since summer is here and all the TV Shows I usually listen are on break, does anybody have suggestions to make ? (I watched Grey's Anatomy, Nikita, Homeland, 90210, Gossip Girls, Project Runway, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Heroes, Mad Men, Rome, Bones). I don't want to listen to shows where there are murders and stuff like that because I'm still a little bit afraid to sleep alone and those show give me idea and then when I go to bed, I'm super stressed !

Have a good day ! Hope it's as sunny where you live as it is here. I think I'm going to sew outside today.


Adventures in paper piecing

First of all, I just want to welcome my new followers ! I hope you'll stay for a while and I really hope you won't be disappointed :)

For those of you who are not new here, you know I'm in the Modern She Made Swap and I finished my pillow last week or so but I wanted to include another small item. I decided to make a little pouch so I could fill it with scraps, thread spool and buttons. I wanted it to be simple (so it wouldn't outshine the pillow.. even though it's not really possible :) ) so I went with a circle of geese. I scaled it down a bit so it ended up being half the size of a normal circle of geese (6" instead of 12").
(Here's the pillow again.. I love it so much that I want pictures everywhere!)

Let me just tell you one thing if you've never tried paper piecing and want to  : if one of your piece end up being too small and you notice it right away, unpick it and change it. Don't wait until the end thinking it'll be fine because it won't be. And changing the piece without the paper (like I tried to do) doesn't work... It really doesn't.
And cut your pieces very big. Wasting a little bit of fabric is not that bad compared to what I said above !

Anyway, here's the thing :

Notice how I lost a point in the seam ? And how it's so not perfect right there in the middle on the right ? It's killing me but I just don't want to have anything to do with this pouch anymore. Hopefully, what's inside will compensate for all it's imperfections !
Here's what's inside :

At least, I can now say that I am able to make a pouch without looking every minute at a tutorial ! That's good news :)

It was hard to close the envelope.. I can't go back now !
I might have to make another one (in my colors) because I really love it.

I'm off to working on some blocks I need to send this week !
Have a good day everyone :)


Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day

Well hello everyone ! And welcome in my little corner of the web !

Just so you know who's talking, I'm a 23 years old student who spend all of her free time sewing and sometimes knitting.

This is one of the craziest day week of the year were I discover plenty of new blogs and spend all day reading them. But today will have to wait because unfortunately, I'm working almost all day long :(
Anyway, you're here for the prize right ? So here it is :

A little fat quarter bundle of scissors from MoMo (from Wonderland, not Half-Moon Modern). My LQS had bolts of all the colors and I think they're so cute that I need to share !

To enter the giveaway, just leave me a comment telling me what fabric line you are really loving right now (new, old or coming soon).
I am saving all my fabric money for La Dee Da by Erin McMorris. It's coming out in June and I've been waiting for it for the past 3 months so I'm really excited that we're already in May !

If you're a follower, just leave me a second comment telling me so (new or old) !
Mr. Random will choose a winner sometimes on the 25th (I think - I'll have to check).

Oh and there's just one more thing I need to tell you : I signed up in a swap and we are still missing a few people.. sooo if you're looking for a cool, modern swap, go check out our Flickr page and sign up ! It'll be cool. You don't have to but it would be nice :)

Ok, I'm done talking. Thanks for stopping by !

(I usually answer to all the comments but since I'll be getting hundreds of them, I might not today.. so don't be offended!)

Don't forget to visit the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog to enter more giveaways !

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Blogger's Quilt Festival

If you're not new here, you've already seen this quilt but if you're here because of the Blogger's Quilt Festival, the quilt I'm about to  show you is very special. Let me tell you it's story.

My mom started it 10 years ago (we counted) and it has been sitting in a plastic bin for probably that long. The middle was all pieced (thank god because I hate piecing little squares!) and almost all the other fabric was cut, ready to be pieced.

This year was my mom 50th birthday (in April) and in January, we decided I would make her a quilt for her birthday so we picked fabric (took us 3 hours!) and we started designing something for her (based on a Kaffe Fassett's Quilt). We received the fabric and I started making it but I was kind of sad because I wanted it to be a suprise and she was there every step of the way, deciding with me that we would not be using this fabric, that we would change this block for this one... you get it ? There was no suprise, really and that made me sad...

Then she learned she had breast cancer (she's fine now, she had the surgery to remove the cancer and she's starting radiotherapy in a couple days, don't worry) and she decided to go to Costa Rica with her boyfriend for two weeks right after the surgery.. That's when I decided that I would finish this quilt and give it to her as a suprise for her birthday ! She left on friday night, I worked all weekend and on sunday night, I did all of the cutting that needed to be done and I pieced it in a couple of ours on Monday morning because I was meeting my long arm machine quilter in the afternoon (in Montreal, which is a 2 hours drive). I never thought it would be finished on time, but it was (and I was soooo happy it was!).

He (yes, my quilter is a he!), did an amazing job with this quilt. I told him to do what he wanted and I'm glad I did because I was really impressed ! He quilted flowers and hummingbirds and it's almost like embroidery. Each flower took him 32 minutes to make !

I gave it to my mom a week after his birthday because it wasn't ready when I thought it would be but it's ok. I was so nervous when I gave it to her but she really love it and she couldn't believe that is was all done !

There is a little label that says "Through the eyes of our mother, we discover the dimensions of love".
And then it says that the quilt was started by my mom and finished by me for her 50th birthday in April 2012.

I hope you enjoyed reading it's story. It's a very special quilt to me, even though it's not mine.

Don't forget to stop by Amy's blog to see all the other quilts !


A new swap !

I'm just stopping by to tell you about a new swap : the Modernista Homemade {a sewing swap}.
For this round, we're focusing on the sewing room but we'll rotate around the house ! How cool is that ?

I already sent my spreadsheet and am still waiting for my confirmation, but I'm sure I'm in.

Here's my mosaic :

So I want a sewing machine cover, fabric baskets, a thread catcher or a sewing kit/needle book. My partner has a lot to choose from and I'm sure to be suprised :)

Wanna join the fun ? Go sign up !!


A few things.. again !

Hey everyone ! I'm stopping by quickly to show you my Modern She Made Swap pillow that I finished last night. I am REALLY happy with the result and my partner seems to like it so I'll be happy to send it to it's new home in a week or so. I just need to gather a few extras ! I'm actually early, which is very suprising :)

I am also very happy with the way my zipper look. In fact, I might make this kind of closure on all the pillows I'll make in the future because it was really easy.
I used this tutorial and it was very easy to follow. It looks really clean !

Oh and today I'm going to Montreal with my mom and we'll probably go to that little fabric shop where I'll probably look for a little bundle to give away on May 21st (Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day in case anybody needs a reminder). I'm so excited !

I had something else to talk about but I can't remember...
So have a great day !

**Edit : I remembered.
I wanted to tell you about a cool swap that will take place really soon (as soon as all the spots are taken). It's the Yummy Sherbet Charm Swap  on Flickr. Go sign up ! It's going to be fun :)


Catching up !

Good morning everyone (at least, for me..) !
I'm sorry for the quietness this week (and last week too).. I haven't really been feeling like sewing so I managed to find little project that required little (to no) sewing (with the machine, not hand sewing).

Talking about hand sewing, I think I'm crazy because I just started to make 1" hexagons. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them... If I have enough courage, I might make a quilt. If not, a pillow or two probably.

I now have a hundred of them but these are the colors I'm going for. I'm really into these colors lately : cute, summery, bright (but not too much), girly.. I thought I needed to know if I liked hand work before starting to hand quilt my (future) retro flower quilt and I'm glad to report that I love it ! Unfortunaly, I won't be able to bring a quilt everywhere like I can with those but still, I like it. It's relaxing and I am not pressuring me to finish it fast !

I also started over on my MSMS Swap item because I wasn't inspired at all by what I was doing at first. See, I wanted to make placemats but it would have been like making 4 pillow covers. It's not that I don't want to put time into it but it was just too much so I settled on a pillow cover because it's something my partner requested.
A couple days  weeks ago, I started to make improv chevron. I liked them but I was not inspired at all and 2 nights ago, I found this tutorial and I really loved it so I tried..
Here's what I got :

I made it bigger because, as I said, it's going to because a pillow cover. I really really love it (and it's really heavy!). Now I just need to figure out what to do to turn it into something that will measure 18" or 20" square. Any suggestions ? I think I might just add solids because I don't what it to be too busy you know. And I want the focus to be the Somerset Star and not the thing that'll be around.

I'm sure you've already heard about that but it's the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day starting May 21st ! Are you excited ? Because I am. I even wrote them a few weeks ago to ask them when it was going to take place because I knew last year it was in May. Be sure to stop by because I will be participating ! I have no idea what I'm going to give away but I'm thinking about it !

So be ready to lose 3 days of your life hehe :)


 Seriously, it's such a great opportunity to find new blogs and meet a ton of people ! 

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my baby because he was too cute to pass.
(Note : he received a little bit of my help to be there. I arranged the blanket around him..)


Rainbow Charm Squares

I need charm squares because I decided tonight that I was making hexies (I don't know why/for what yet!). The thing is that I'm lacking diversity because, for example, I only have 4 real yellow prints AND all the rainbow charm swaps are done by now. Or maybe you have some charms and you'd be willing to swap some ?

Sooo would anybody be interested in a rainbow charm swap ? Do you know of anyone who'd be interested if you are not ?

G├╝terman Thread

RATZ Swap - Hope my partner likes it !

I might just keep it for myself !


Miscanelly pillow cover

I finished it late last night and am very happy with the result !

I will definitely be getting a bigger pillow form !
And I might make it a brother/sister soon (I'm thinking of herringbones and more essex linen with splashes of color). BUT before I do that, I'll make my items for both the Modern She Made Swap and the RATZ Swap because they are both due at the end of the month !

Oh and I'd like to thank Glady @ Glady's Gab  because she awarded me another Liebster Award ! 
That's four now ! 
So thank you so much !!

And you'll probably see (read) me again today as I'll be linking up to Just Three : May .
I'm glad to report that I finished all three of my April projects ! 

See ya !


A little work in progress

I decided last night that I was not going to be one of those fabric hoarder (I know I am anyway because I refuse to use some of fabric because I don't want to run out of it (like the sundae print from Bonnie & Camille)).

I saw the Made in Cherry Quilt Along and I loved it but I was not going to make a 60"x60" quilt with 3 1/2" squares.. no way ! I scaled it down and settled on a 20" pillow. That I can do !
I used this method to piece the squares and it's genius. You should really try it if you want to piece tiny squares (mine were 1" finished).

This morning, I'm going to finish making the star, quilt it and turn it into a cute pillow cover that will soon live on my sofa in my new home :D

(the picture isn't on the right side, but I can't fix it..) It's 11" square for now.

What are you working on ?