You did not expect it this morning !

Are you ready ?

This is the (second) quilt I made for my mom's birthday. Except that she doesn't expect to receive this one :)
She started it many years ago (I should ask her... it could be interesting lol). The part with all the little squares was done so I just need to cut and sew the rest.. The cutting was done one night and the sewing the morning after !

I know she will be very suprised and very happy as well. You all wish you had a daughter like me right ? Just kidding.

Anyway.. the pattern is "Autumn Garden" by Kaffe Fassett. And the fabric, well, it's was a kit I think, from Kaffe Fassett as well.
It mesures 96"x96" so it's my biggest quilt. I think I'm going to take a break from queen sized quilt for a while. I still have one to bind and then I'm done with big big quilts. For now at least. But I must say it's pretty satisfying. I feel like I accomplished something !

I'll show you her "real" birthday quilt once she bring it back home :)


Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!!! I love it. Your mum should be so happy, having a daughter like you.
Gun, Sweden

Cherie said...

I love the design! =D

Lori said...

That quilt is beautiful, I bet your mom will love it! I'm so glad you joined the Modern She Made Swap. I just posted something on my blog that you might want to check out!