Wonky Stars

Good morning everyone ! This is going to be a very beautiful day because it's already 18°C (which is in the 60s for you guys in the US) and it's suppose to go as high as 30°C (which is approximately 85°F). Crazy !

Anyway, that's not the subject of my post. I finished my wonky star quilt last night. I was very happy because I was getting sick of making wonky stars. It was taking me about an hour and a half to make six :S It almost became a UFO. 

It's really not my best picture. It's kind of grey outside since it's already hot ! I like warm (summer) days so much ! 

I would like to talk about backing. For this one, I used a pink/turquoise print I already had at home. It's cute but it doesn't match THAT much with the front. I wanted to know if your backing always matched the front of the quilt or if it doesn't matter to you... Because I feel like it needs to match but I've seen quilts where the backing had nothing to do with the front of the quilt ! 

When I pulled this out of the washing machine last night, I almost started to cry. See, I had a bobbin of blue thread (left from another project) and I wanted to use it so I pieced some stars with blue thread. I don't know what I was thinking... I was just too lazy to change it and I did not want to waste it I guess... But anyway, last night, I could see all the blue thread and I thought that it had bleed on the white fabric. It took me about 10 hours to piece the top (and it's a baby quilt!) and I was planning on selling it so this was the last thing I wanted. I dried it and it was better then but I still can see some blue thread and I don't know if I'm confortable selling it..  Maybe I could paint the thread ? 

On another subject, have you ever checked out the search keywords people write to find your blog ? I do, sometimes and last night, I saw that : " sewing with love, laugh and live in it". lol It's funny isn't it ? It made me laugh so thank you to whoever wrote this :)

I don't know what to do today ! I think I'll start something new, again :) That's what you get when you finish the things you start !

Have a wonderful day dear readers !


diane said...

I think your quilt is adorable, Marika! I love the aqua, pink, and red colors! I think that the back works great with it. For me, I like my backs to work with the front of the quilt, but it doesn't have to be exact...they just have to 'jive!' Great job!

Amanda said...

The quilt is gorgeous, love the colours you used.

Cherie said...

The quilt looks great!
I try to match at least one colour to the front for backing. I've seen some people do totally crazy backings. It looks like a whole other quilt! =D

Kate said...

That beautiful, I love the colours and I the stars!! Great work.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I've only made two quilts - one the backing matched perfectly (http://annabelvita.com/2012/02/01/my-first-quilt/) and one it wasn't even close to matching (http://annabelvita.com/2012/04/16/moda-etchings-layer-cake-quilt/) - I like both for different reasons! I think it depends how matchy-matchy your quilt top is and stuff.
Your back and top here match the perfect amount in my opinion!